Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week Four

Ted went to the Mission Skeet and Trap Club with Dave, John and Don on Sunday morning.  I went to the laundromat!  I finished up just in time to go play Mah Jongg.  We had a seasoned player at our table who played much faster than Sue, Joanne and I could play.  She was the only one who won.  The other games were a draw, or as they say Wall Games.  There is just so much to consider and trying to do it so quickly is frustrating.  When I returned, Ted was watching the football playoff games and we just had a salad for dinner. 

Monday was the Couple's Lunch at Republic of the Rio Grande.  There were about 24 couples.  We sat with Kathy and Gary who we know and Tanya and Tom who live across the street that we had not met yet.  Sitting on the outdoor patio was delightful!  We came home, changed clothes and headed to the gun range.  I hadn't shot since we arrived and Saturday is a competition.  I shot my .22 first, then switched to the 9mm to practice with it.  Last, I shot one handed with the .22.  Here are my results.  Wish me luck!

The Tactical Shooting is going to be just on Monday night now and not Wednesday.  So we skipped dinner and Ted left for Shooter's Alley with the others.  I watched The Bachelor which is really weird this go round!  My interest is waning.

Tuesday I played Mah Jongg and didn't win but I was just a tile or two away in most games.  At least I am not getting lost and can head down the right path.  For dinner I made ribs in our pressure cooker.  Ted had removed the membrane and rubbed them with pork rub.  He cut them into 2 bone pieces.  Using the browning setting I browned them a bit, then set them on end in a circular pattern.  We added one cup of beef broth and one cup of BBQ sauce.  Using the Meat setting they cooked for about 22 minutes.  Fall off the bone delicious!!  I am liking this new gadget.

Wednesday we headed back to Victoria Palms for the Skymed luncheon.  We have had this travel insurance since 2011 and the peace of mind it gives us is immeasurable.  Our present policy runs out in October and we were informed we can renew at the original 2011 price which we will do.  It provides emergency medical transport to wherever you want to go for treatment (not necessarily the nearest medical facility) wherever you are in the world. It will send someone to you, return your grandchildren home if traveling with you, return your pets and the biggee, return your rig home.  It will return remains if that becomes necessary to your choice of location, not necessarily to your home if that's your need. I hope we never need to use it but if you travel it is a good thing.  If they have to land a helicopter in your front yard to evacuate you, they cover that.  No need to be 100 miles from home.

The funny thing you learn when dealing with retirees ... if you are on time, you are late.  Lunch was scheduled to start at 11:30 and we arrived at 11:10!  Here is the room with everyone eating their salads when we entered.

Thursday is breakfast day so Joanne, Mimi and Cathy joined me for the ride to Rosie's.  These gatherings are always enjoyable.  They showed me a back way to go north and now I need to show Ted!

We were invited to Don and Trudy's annual Brat Fest so I made 5# of hot German potato salad.  There was a big crowd and my crockpot liner was empty in no time.  Lots of desserts and green salads so the substantial food went quickly.  Next year I will make 10#!

Prayer before eating.  No one objects to "in Jesus's name we pray."

Our summer plans are all discombobulated.  So far we have 5 nights in Pigeon Forge at the Rowdy Ruhe Reunion followed by 3 nights in Nashville with two couples.  From there I think we will spend the week of the 4th in Cincinnati.  That gives us access to the family cabins at the lake in KY over the holiday weekend and a few days to do some visiting.  We will return July 24 for a week leading up to the more sedate Rogers Reunion.  The two weeks in between will be spent in St Marys OH, Shipshewana IN and at the factory in Howe getting our kitchen lights changed out.

The tops of these snap and break allowing them to swing when traveling.  Because the refrigerator on the slide is just a foot away when the RV slides are in, our refrigerator has dings.  I always say there is an earthquake going on inside every time you go down the road.  The exact timing for these things will depend on our factory appointment date.  

Saturday's shooting competition was moved to Friday due to the prediction of rain on Saturday.  But the fashion show luncheon at Mission West was Friday and 26 of us already had our tickets.  Ted went to the gun range and I picked up six others for the short ride to Mission West park.  We had a good time with lots of laughs.  They had an hour's entertainment that made the total program way too long! Linda was ready for two martinis by 3:00 when we left!  Our table from each end.

At dinner time we picked up Tom and Eileen to have dinner at the Riverside Club.  It is the first time we got there in the month we all have been here.  They left Saturday morning so it was "now or never."  We said our goodbyes about 8 and headed home.

Saturday dawned rainy and cool.  We had nowhere we had to be so I took the opportunity to vacuum and dust.  Later on we left to get gas, buy some hangers and get to church while hopefully parking was available.  It is the day of the Citrus Parade and the road we use to go to church is closed to traffic.  So we need to come in from the west.  Then there is the problem of parking because so many parade watchers take the spaces.  We found a spot but were 40 minutes early for Mass!  Fr. Phil (aka Speedy Gonzales) said Mass and we got caught in church AND parade traffic because both ended at the same time.  We wound our way around and eventually made our way to Cracker Barrel for dinner.

Our Lady of Guadalupe won First Place in the float competition.  The orange and yellow you see are grapefruit and orange slices.  Notice Fr. Roy's dogs in the last photo.  He was riding a horse but we didn't see him.  Maybe he had a specific place to take the horse.

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