Friday, January 6, 2017

Yikes! What Happened?

Thursday was a bit cooler but we are in for a huge change!  I drove to the ladies breakfast and about 18 neighbor's were there.  This restaurant also has a bakery but I resisted the temptation to bring something home.  Lorraine who lives three lots down from us chose to ride home with me and we made arrangements to ride together next week.

We picked Tom and Eileen up at 11:00 and drove to the bridge to Mexico.  We walked over to Progreso and the weather was nice.  Ted went ahead to get his pedicure while I bought the medicines I needed.  I couldn't remember the dosage of his eyedrops so didn't get them.  The three of us walked on down to the salon where Ted was almost done so we went next door to Renee's and again I resisted those pastries and just had a Light Coke (must be a Mexican thing because I have never seen them here).  Ted came in shortly and had coffee AND a pastry.

From there we wandered down the street stopping here and there.  Eileen bought a frog wind chime and eventually we made our way to the leather shop where they bought Ira two belts he had requested.  We made our way back towards the bridge and stopped at Jessica's where we bought Ted's eyedrops and Eileen bought some Retin A.  With our receipts we went into the bar for our free margaritas.  The live music stopped at 2:00 and it was 2:30 so no entertainment or dancing that day.  With our bags in tow we made our way through Customs and back across the bridge to the U.S. side.

We decided to have an early dinner and it was a bit before 4:00 when we arrived at Cheddar's.  Once it gets to be 5:00, the wait to get in can be long.  I had soup, salad and half a sandwich but I brought half of the half-sandwich home and ate it for lunch the next day.

Friday it turned COLD!  I turned the fireplace on when I got up but it said the temperature was going to keep dropping so I eventually turned the fireplace off and the furnace on.  Eileen picked me up and we went to the clubhouse to play Mah Jongg.  The first hand I didn't even get close but the second hand I was in great shape with a 4 dragon run complete and a 4 number run to go with it complete.  I had one more joker so it gave me leeway in how I was going to finish my hand ... and they announced it was 4:00 and we were stopping!  Bummer!

After dinner we went next door to hear the Williamson Branch, a family group.  They were okay but I don't think I would go see them again.  There are much better shows to see.  

Overnight was REALLY COLD and it got down to 27!  We left the furnace on, turned our 3 holding tank heaters on, used a second blanket, dropped the hose off the spigot and filled a gallon of water for flushing the toilet.  Morning came with sunshine but windy and the temp started creeping up.  We stayed in until 3:15 when Tom and Eileen picked us up for church.  Afterwards we went to Taco Ole for dinner.  

They dropped us off to get our change to go play card bingo.  In 13 years I have never had such an irritating night playing this game.  Volunteers are callers but this guy was terrible.  Everyone kept asking him to repeat and Ted constantly had to tell the four people at the end of the table what was called.  To make matters worse there was a guy bantering with the caller and he kept announcing if he had the card called.  I finally said loud enough for him to hear "we don't care!" and he shut up.  We are busy the next two Saturday nights so maybe they will get it squared away.  There were lots of unhappy people besides us.  It was warmer when we came out and is heading back up to the 80s in a few days.

Sunday was cloudy but warmer.  Ted met Don and Dave at Mission Skeet and Trap Club to shoot a few rounds of skeet.  I did my paperwork paying our Estimated Taxes, flood insurance, deposited a check using my IPad and then balancing my checkbook.  At 2:00 Eileen, Sue and I went up to the clubhouse for Mah Jongg.  We all are learning quickly but our play is slow as we wrestle with all the variables in this game.  I won one of three games and was one tile away from winning a second.

Ted had gone to the grocery and bought a roasting chicken so we took another shot at using the new digital pressure cooker.  It turned out really good and we are both learning a lot about its use.  I am not sure how much more this old brain can learn!

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