Friday, December 30, 2016

Taking Off

Friday Ted fueled up the truck getting $1.00 off at Krogers from our points buying gift cards in December.  Buying 35 gallons at $1.15 per gallon was nice.  He took a brand new, with tags, camouflage shirt to the gun club and gave it to Danny.  Because it had a logo on the shoulder it was going into the recycle bin at the Thrift Shop until I rescued it.  I knew he would know someone who could wear it.

Ted had brought the few Christmas things in from outside and I put them away while he was gone.  I don't think anyone but Marena had seen any of our decorations inside.  I packed several bags from  the pantry and cleared the refrigerator out and cleaned it while putting what we are taking to one side.  Our medicine bag is packed, my paperwork is in the pouch and my toiletries are all in the basket.  Once we get set up on Saturday it shouldn't take but two trips to load it all up.

I received an email from my sister-in-law Carol and their daughter, son-in-law and grandson were still in town so we met for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  We weren't sure we would get to see them but it all worked out.  You are really old when the next generation talks about retiring!!

Saturday was busy, making three trips back and forth to the trailer.  It is easier than unloading but not by much.  I just don't have to clean.  We made it to 5:00 Mass a wee bit late but had no trouble parking or finding a seat.  Then we went back to the house and locked it up and headed to Gerre's.  All our "lake" friends were there and a spread of food like you can't imagine.  We had hats, horns, champagne and a blow up frame to take everyone's photo. 

A good part of the evening was spent at the "casino."  Roulette in the LR, Black Jack in the DR and bingo on the porch overlooking the pool and lighted fire pit.  I hit big time at bingo, lost my shirt at roulette 

and held my own at Black Jack.  Gary got tired of dealing so Ted took over and finished out the night.  We came home about 1 am and went straight to bed.

I woke up at 7, Ted at 8.  We were on the road by 9:00.  It was an easy drive into, through and out of Houston.  We continued SW until Victoria, then headed due south.  We took one break at a Pilot but that was it until Kingsville where we stopped.  It was 2:00 and we could have easily made the last 100 miles before dark but Ted prefers to stop to rest, fuel up my car and go out to eat.  It makes arrival, parking and set up easier when better rested.

We weren't the only ones getting off the road at 2:00.  Two rigs followed us right in.  The couple next to us are from NJ and have been on the road for 8 days heading to the valley.  I don't know where the others parked.  We went to Walmart for gas then on to Chili's to eat our only meal today.  TV has been football all afternoon and evening.  Texans lost, Bengals won.  Tomorrow should be a quick trip.

We left about 8:30 Sunday morning and arrived about 10:30 at Retama.  Niles, our neighbor came out  
to help me direct Ted into our spot.  He is a semi driver and said "just let me park it" and he did!  We got all set up in no time. First thing I did was pick the oranges on the tree outback.

We visited with several folks and when Ted left looking for Don I went over to deliver Trudy her gold earring she lost in Santa Fe while visiting us.  We came home and Tom and Eileen came over on their bikes to visit.  Sue knocked and invited us out to eat but we declined because of the company we had.    When they left we made a trip to Walmart and grabbed a sandwich at McDonald's.

And thus begins another season, our 13th here in the valley.

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