Saturday, August 20, 2016

Route 66, The Mother Road

Our last morning we took advantage of the pancake breakfast at the Holbrook KOA before we took off.  This petrified rock is 200,000,000 years old and kept us company while we ate in the pavilion.

John Steinbeck christened Route 66 that travels from Chicago to LA, around 2300 miles, the Mother Road in his book The Grapes of Wrath.  We have traveled on portions of it in IL, MO, OK, TX, NM and AZ just leaving CA and KS on our radar.  Williams has one of the best portions preserved.  It was the last town bypassed by I-40 and perhaps they saw what happened to the town's that didn't plan ahead.  The neon lights here shine as brightly as they did in Albuquerque.

We are in the Grand Canyon Railway campground next to the train that takes you to the Grand Canyon Park.  We won't take the train this time.  It is a nice ride but you have no transportation once arriving other than shuttle buses and a limited amount of time in the park.  Pat and Kelly arrive today and have never been so we want to give them all the time they want and the ability to get around so we will drive the 50 miles one day this week.

On our way out we passed Winslow AZ and had a bit of fun on FB asking people to guess where we were with the hints The Eagles and Take It Easy.  They all responded with lines from the song!  Our friend Steve sent a photo of the statue standing on the corner in front of a building saying Winslow, Arizona.  Such fun to share adventures with friends and family.

After set up I went to get my nails done since it has been forever and the others went grocery shopping.  When I came back we had a meatloaf Tom made for dinner and I cleared out all the leftovers in a "fend for yourself - fill your plate" meal.  Afterwards we took a walk into town.

Neon doesn't photograph well!


Cruisers on Route 66.  A real icon.

An Italian restaurant decked out in neon.

The ever present TeePee and Route 66 sign.

There was a cowboy story and shootout in the street that we stopped to watch.  We are amazed at the amount of foreigners who are probably here because of its proximity to the Grand Canyon.  Many RV rental units are visible on the highway and in the parks.  Welcome!

This morning we woke up to a 63 temp in the trailer.  Woohoo!  Pat and Kelly have landed and will be here this afternoon.  I had a hair cut and am getting our dinner together for after church.

I am having trouble getting all the photos to publish so I will cut this short

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