Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Few Last Days in Colorado

Tuesday we drove up to Denver to meet our friends Gus and Melissa from Michigan.  They and their two grandsons ages 3 and 6 met the four of us at the Cheesecake Factory at the 16th Street Mall In downtown Denver.  The boys are so excited to have a new baby sister.  We had stopped along the way at a shopping center so I could buy a gift.  Then we went to Dollar Tree to get a bag, tissue paper and card.  The four outfits all wrapped in tissue paper filled the bag nicely and it was quite presentable for being done on the run!

Our food was excellent and way too much so I brought my orange chicken and rice home and had it for lunch on Wednesday.  With the drive to and from, most of our day was gone so we skipped dinner and had a Wendy's Frosty and played Mexican train.  Eileen won but Ted made me put an asterisk beside her name.  When we started putting the tiles away, she found two tiles in the box.  Ted swears the absence of those two hindered him on numerous occasions so we couldn't give her full credit!

We planned to go to the Olympic Training Center on Wednesday but the fellow decided to come that afternoon to wash the two rigs.  They had just left and Tom tried to go into his motorhome and it was locked.  I surmise that the thrust of the water against the door may have slipped one of the two locks.  Ted and Tom watched them the whole time so they know no one went in or out.  We spent the next hour or more getting a locksmith over.  When he finally arrived, it took about 30 seconds to pick the lock which made Tom a bit nervous knowing how easy it was to get in.  Ted encouraged him to always keep a separate set on his person besides the normal vehicle key ring.  I also have a set but mine would have been inside in my purse and no help.

By then it was dinner time so Ted started the grill.  We had bought some brats at Sprouts and I made corn on the cob, sauerkraut and green beans to go with them.  We played our game of Mexican Train and talked with the tenters and bikers that surround us.  We learned about some hot springs where they all went skinny dipping and said we should put it on our bucket list!  Tom won our game that night.

We had agreed to meet Marilyn and Ed from Retama, along with another couple I remember slightly, at Loops in Manitou Springs.  We have been driving past Amanda's Fonda for two weeks and it is always crowded so we were agreeable when Ed called and asked if we minded changing restaurants.  It was a great two hours of margaritas, terrific food and the best of conversation.  Everyone came back to the park for a bit.  We so enjoyed our time together and look forward to spending time with them this winter at Retama.

Later we went to a gun store Ted had seen advertised on TV.  Of all things, we bought Food Saver vacuum food storage bags, a holster belt and a Christmas present I can't divulge but had absolutely nothing to do with guns.  After we arrived home, the fellows left for Lowe's.  Ted needed some small brads to fix a piece of molding.  Tom needed stainless screws.  

I talked to Kelly to get some idea of their itinerary and what she and Patrick are interested in doing when they meet us in Williams AZ in two weeks.  I know the Grand Canyon is first on their list.  They are staying in a hotel about a half mile from our park.  They will eat most of their meals, other than breakfast with us too.  I need to plan!

Friday was another dinner date at the home of Lauren and Paul who were neighbors to the four of us in Florida.  We stopped at the outlet mall on the way to Aurora and Eileen and I hit Chico's big time!  Good sale prices this late in the summer.  We arrived at their home about 2:30 and didn't get home until 11:00.  We had so much to talk about.  Poor Paul has had a stroke, heart attack, hip replaced  and cancer but has fought his way back from the abyss.  Lauren was a great cheerleader for him and never let him think he wasn't going to come all the way back.  His left side is weak and he can't drive but walks on his own and speaks fluently.  We had a great visit.

For our last day we finally made it to the Olympic Training Center.  

They were lighting the torch a day late due to some malfunction yesterday.

Proud to see Procter & Gamble as a featured corporate sponsor.  They only took Visa because it too is a corporate sponsor.

The path of flags from each country.

A pretty patio around a fountain to rest.

A tree dedicated to deceased Olympic Committee Employees beneath a maple tree. 

Tom and Ted waiting for Eileen and I to take pictures.

Shooting training venue

Practice swimming lanes.  Michael Phelps trained here and actually had the train rope go slack from his speed.  They thought the machine was broken.

Men's gymnastic training

Weight training

Wrestling training.  It was a boy and girl but they do not compete like that in the Olympics.  It is just a training tool.

Girls' visiting for volleyball camp

The newest Bobsled Team.  There will be a new event in 2018 "Old Ladies Getting Out Of A Bobsled!"

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