Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Looks Like Hawaii

Tuesday we drove to the Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monuments.  Of course we used our Senior Passes to get in free.  We were amazed when we started driving because the lava flows looked exactly like Volcano National Park in Hawaii.

This tree died but at the bottom, a branch grew at a 90 degree angle, then straight up to create a whole new tree.  They are still joined near the bottom.

All of the hills and mountains are from volcanos pushing up 900 years ago.

This was taken from Painted Desert Vista.  We had visited there before coming to Williams and it is over 100 miles away.

Next we went to Wukoki ruins.  It stands three stories high and can be viewed from far off.

Next stop was the Wupatki pueblo, housing for 100 people.

We walked the short trails to view the ruins but did not take the longer trails down to and around the ruins.  The thin air gets to you quite quickly and it was hot.  Better safe than sorry.

Eileen had wanted to eat at Galaxy Diner earlier in the week so we chose to do that.  The big draw was the great reviews of their shakes and malts.  It was very good food for a touristy place and the chocolate peanut butter malt I had was outstanding!  I only ate one meal that day!

The Marilyn Monroe wall.

We are winding down with just one day left here in Williams, AZ before heading to Phoenix.

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