Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Change in Plans

We had a Jeep and a Trolley Tour booked in Sedona on Tuesday but the weather was not cooperating.  We called at 9 am and asked if we could reschedule for Thursday when the weather is supposed to be better and they said no problem.  

Ted and Tom went to Camping World, Eileen made cupcakes, Pat and Kelly went into town to walk around and I looked at the time and places still ahead of us.  We have no reservations after Labor Day and need to do some planning.  When Pat and Kelly returned, the three of us went to Bearizona.  

This is a 160 acre wildlife park and small zoo.  We weren't expecting too much but were pleasantly surprised.  It is an attractive park with much construction continuing and I believe it will be exceptional when completed totally.

First we went to the new jaguar enclosure that is in the area still being built out.

Then we walked around the zoo area.  This is  a nice park for children because it isn't so far to walk and the animals are in natural habitats but up close to be seen.

A badger.  Their fur looks like a cape, sort of unattached at the bottom.

Dall sheep.  There were cattle guards in the roads that kept animals in their own areas without big fences.

After that we took in the Rapture Show.  The lady narrating was very good, not only educational but entertaining as well.  She warned us it was a free flight show and we could possibly be brushed by a bird flying over us.  Sure enough, both Pat and I had our head brushed by a hawk's wing.

Two owls in the show.  I learned they track their prey by using their fluorescent vision to see tracks of urine.  They hunt by sound when going in for the grab.

This owls face features direct sounds up to his ears.

This is the hawk that ruffled Pat and my feathers!

Lastly we drove through the wildlife park that had lots of space and many animals.  There is a trolley you can take instead of driving and we soon learned the animals must get some tidbits because they galloped toward us, went around and stood at the trolley behind us.  So we waited and followed the trolley which gave us great photo opportunities.

The Bears

The Bighorn Sheep we thought were coming to see us!  Not so.

The bison that galloped across 300 yards to get to the trolley now in front of us.

We headed back home for dinner.  Eileen had cooked BBQ chicken thighs in the crockpot and made some beans.  I had macaroni and cheese plus a tossed salad.  When dinner was finished we had cupcakes and leftover lemon pie.

It has been cool here in the mornings and evenings.  We have all been wearing jackets and I turn the fireplace on in the morning.  We will wish we had this over Labor Day in Phoenix.

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