Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Last Day in Albuquerque

We planned to visit the Balloon Museum but like so many museums it was closed on Monday.  So we decided to ride to Jemez Springs.  This is a most beautiful drive.  Eileen, Marilyn, Rita and I did a girl's vacation in this town in the late 90s.  We drove past the Dragonfly Cottage that we rented and noticed the Laughing Lizard complex is still there. 

Our first stop was the Visitors Center where a field house was featured along with a horno oven.  The field house was a temporary shelter to be close to crops or animals during growing and harvest.  The horno oven is an outdoor oven for baking.  Homemade oven bread was for sale at a stand across the street and we bought a loaf to share with Eileen and Tom.  The fellows inside the Visitor's Center were very nice and gave us a map to find various places.

Here are some breathtaking views along the way.

We stopped in Jemez Springs for lunch.

The inside ambience was interesting.

We continued on to Soda Dam where mineral deposits are limiting the flow of water and eventually will totally block the water but not in my lifetime.

Continuing on we came to Battleship Rock but we couldn't get a good straight on shot.

Then we turned back south to take a different road north to the Gilman Tunnels.

The views are spectacular.

We headed for home after that and it was almost dinner time when we arrived.  Ted left to fuel up and stop at the store.  Hatch chilies are being harvested now and they will roast them for you at the supermarkets.  Ted was so interested and stopped to talk to the roaster and customers in line waiting to have their boxes of chilis roasted.  He learned a lot about World famous Hatch chilis!

$17 per box in four different heats up to hot, hot.

Two roasters were being used by one person. At 15 minutes per box, 8 could be done in one hour.  Thank goodness he didn't bring me a box home.  He did buy a bottle of hot Sadie's green chili for Tom on the suggestion of the ladies in line.  Tom has complained the food has not been hot enough.  Tomorrow we head west into Arizona.

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