Monday, May 2, 2016

We Ate at Home!

Ted went shooting Sunday and I tackled the garage.  It is best he is gone when I start pitching.  Otherwise everything I throw on the pile would end up on a new, different shelf.  I have to respect some of this stuff is his, so I try to consider that, but I will never understand why we have empty boxes and bags galore on the shelves!  Just getting rid of those and consolidating "like things" made a big difference.  We are getting rid of all the golf things except Ted's Ping clubs and travel bag.  We have a small bag of new balls and tees for Terry.  Also, we will donate the toys and tubs we have saved for when the kids came to visit.  They are too old to be interested in the old toys.  

I also boxed up all our Christmas lights and will ship them off to great niece Vicki who is involved in a charity haunted house.  Most strands are wound around paper tubes but there are a few loose so I told her to throw a light checking party to get all the strands working.  I will have done all I can to Ted's room and the garage so I will continue my mantra when I park in the garage and walk into the house through these areas:  "It is his house too."

This probably isn't most people's description of "organized" but it will have to suffice in our case.  I will let you know how long it takes Ted to fill in the empty spot above the wreath!

I am saying goodbye to an old friend.  Ted gave me this bowling ball in 1964 for my 19th birthday.  It was the first thing with my married initials on it.  It weighs almost 14#, pretty heavy but I never could control a lightweight ball.

bowled with it in many leagues, the first for Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, then our church group in Michigan and up until I left Florida in 2001 and stopped because of my hip.  Now that I have two new hips, if I start up again I will get a new ball more consistent with the current lane blocking now in use.

It was hot in the garage and I stopped twice to have a drink and cool off but I was tired when Ted came home.  I planned to make a meatloaf but he wanted to grill burgers.  But we ate at home!  I finally went to the grocery store on Monday.  

Tuesday I had to work at the Thrift Shop and then get my mammogram afterwards.  It has been since fall that I have worked there and the renovations are done.  The store is very well organized and things displayed well.  I stopped home for lunch, went by the post office and then went to the Breast Center.  I think things looked okay because she only took two X-rays of each side.  If there is a question they will usually take another picture for more info.  Let's hope my assessment is correct.  The funny thing is the little Asian girl was enamored with my eyebrows!  She wanted to know how I got them so perfect.  I told her they were tattooed on almost six years ago and I gave her Emily's card.  

Ted had an appointment to see his gastroenterologist before his scheduled endoscopy.  Lucky him, he also received one of those new colon test kits to use instead of a colonoscopy.  They have called me because it has been 5 years since my last colonoscopy and I would much rather do that test than prep for one.  Ted is scheduled for 5/11 for his routine follow up endoscopy.  I told them to call me back in September.  I will bend Dr. W's ear when I am there with Ted in hopes he will give me a tester kit instead of scheduling a colonoscopy.  

While he was gone, the tree trimmers came.  They put down the bull rock first and then started on the trees.  Boy did they trim.  The debris filled a huge trailer.  We have some sunshine now and the house isn't in hiding.  Right after they left, Gordon came to replace the kitchen faucet.  The sprayer head would not switch from stream to spray.  I was getting both at the same time.  The company sent us a whole new faucet which Gordon installed.  He checked the light and proclaimed the problem was the light bulb - wrong kind!  Ted bought a new LED one.

Thursday was our Forum Installation Luncheon.  This is such a fun event.  The creativity of those putting the skit together amazes us all each year.  The food was really good and everyone had a nice time.

Our outgoing president, Cheryl.

Our new president, Chris.

Our newest members.

Our table

It was a long meeting with all that needed to be accomplished.  I left home at 8:45 am and returned home about 1:30.  I didn't do much of anything after that except heat up the pot roast and noodle leftovers for Ted for his dinner.  I was too full from lunch to join him.

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