Thursday, May 26, 2016

Another Countdown

Monday was a welcome relief in that the only thing I had to do was go to the dermatologist.  A new "thing" cropped up on my thigh and was growing.  He took one look at it, pronounced what it was and froze it off.  Then he looked at my back and neck finding something he didn't like and did a biopsy on that.  I am not going to borrow trouble and worry about it just yet.  Odds are it isn't anything or if it is can be handled easily.

We decided on a light supper so stopped and bought deli chicken noodle soup, rolls and things for salads.  It was easy enough to put together and clean up.  It was a big TV night.  We had a DWTS final, The Bachelor first episode and a recorded Starz Outlander episode we missed on Saturday.  There was only one dead body on Outlander!  After so much NCIS you can get tired of dead bodies!

I was scheduled to get my hair cut on Tuesday but received a text asking to change it to Wednesday.  So that just left the eye doctor on Tuesday afternoon.  I kept my appointment and Dr. D said he wished all his cataract patients my age could see as well as me.  Not even a prescription change needed.  He recommended Systain for any irritation caused by heated air in the winter or allergens in the Spring.  Ted brought Skyline chili home from Kroger and fixed it for dinner.  It tasted so good!  

We watched the DWTS finale and couldn't be more pleased at the outcome.  The deaf male model was an awesome dancer despite having absolutely no hearing.  He was a joy to watch and absolutely deserved to win.  

Wednesday I eventually started the laundry and then left to get my hair cut.  I wanted it short for the summer so Cindy obliged!  I was to get it cut before Chicago but she had medical issues and had to cancel my appointment.  But I am good to go for now.

Ted had to go to Arlington for two days so I didn't do much but finish the laundry and fix my dinner when I returned home.

Thursday I put all my clothes in my suitcases to see how good I was doing on room and I am fine.  The paperwork I need is all together so my toiletries will be the last thing to go in.  I played cards in the afternoon and still didn't win!  One bad hand out of six and you are in the toilet!  

It started raining really hard around 5:00 and I was concerned about Ted driving in it.  He called about 7:00 and wasn't too far from home but was stopped for a wreck.  By the time it stopped raining on Friday we were in a No Go Zone because of all of the flooded roads.  This is the worst I have ever seen it in our area.  Normally it is south of us.   Here is my friend's street where their car was swamped and floated four houses down and allowed water into the car itself.  It is ruined.

I went to the nail salon close by and had no trouble going, but it was pouring down when I left.  Despite being parked right in front, unlocking the door remotely and having an umbrella, I was soaking wet from the waist down.  I came home and stayed.

We finished packing and have two large bags and one carry on.  There are no fees for these.  However, no TSA pre -check when flying internationally.  I think we are ready!

What a mess the area is in spots, and traffic is a nightmare.  We did our last minute stuff, went out for a late lunch then came home and called Terry to say we were ready.  It took us about 2.5 hours to get through the traffic to be dropped off, stood in a Bag Drop line until I noticed an empty World Traveler line that just happened to be printed on our boarding pass so we used that one and security wasn't bad at all.  Of course it wouldn't be right if there wasn't at least one gate change, so here we sit waiting to board.  

We are off to visit the Queen!

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