Saturday, May 7, 2016

Guess what?

Just as soon as I posted the going away picture of my bowling ball, an old school friend posted pictures of the 10 bowling lanes where I learned to bowl at the ripe old age of about 11.  Our parish had a complete complex of church, school, priests' house and nuns' house.  In the basement of the school was the bowling alley.

Also included was a Christmas photo of Midnight Mass.  When I was in choir I stood upstairs above the altar.  We could look straight out to the choir loft in the rear of the church and be directed along with the adult choir.  What wonderful memories.

I know I have posted this next photo but for context I will do it again.  When the church complex was sold and dismantled, the altar and windows were used at The Fathers of Mercy in Auburn, KY.  We have visited there twice.  I am so grateful these beautiful things have been saved.

Friday I spent most of the day laying out our summer route.  I typed a spreadsheet and sent it to Eileen so she has the info to start making her reservations,  Day, date, city, campground name and address, check in/check out dates and number of miles to drive to that destination.  Some reservations can be made on line, others you need to call so it is best we each do our own.  When I finished that I used Trip Advisor to make a list of Attractions in the areas where we are staying.  We need to order tickets to the musical at Palo Duro Canyon and for a tour of the McDonald Observatory before we even leave.

That doesn't seem like it should take all day to compile but you need to consider how to get where you want to go, where to stop as far as distance, find a park in the area that can accommodate your size rig and has the amenities you want.  We both need 50 amp in the summer to run both A/C units.  Now I can enjoy our weekend in Chicago and our time in the British Isles knowing we have that all set up.
Saturday was uneventful except we went to church as usual.  I had ribs in the crockpot and put potatoes in the oven and hoped I had set it to come on while we were gone.  It worked and I had only guessed at how to do it.  I seldom use that feature.

All three of the girls called on Sunday and I had long conversations with all of them.  I received a pearl necklace from Kelly and slacks from both Kara and Kristin.  Ted brought me a dozen white roses when he returned from shooting and then we went out to eat.

I played Canasta on Monday and came in last!  However, that gave me my dollar back.  One of these days this losing streak has to end.

On Tuesday the dredges of the garage were picked up by Paralyzed Veterans of Texas.  I hope someone enjoys the golf clubs.  I had given my older set to a school coach last year to give to a student who wanted to play but had no clubs.  I love getting rid of things we no longer use that may be useful to someone else.  

We went to the new shooting range that has been built right around the corner from us.  It is Seniors day on Tueaday and lanes are just $7.50.  I shot from 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 yards, a 10 clip magazine at each yard.  First two to the body mass, next two to the head and the last two, and farthest, to the area above the body mass but below the throat.  I did pretty darn good too.  Afterwards we went to lunch and to check on the trailer.  I thought I left a phone charger in there but I didn't. I will have to look further here at home.

We stopped at a new 55+ housing development to look at the models.  The one we liked was way too much house for us.  It had a huge finished second floor that raised the price from $350,000 base to $530,000 and then you had to pay extra for a premium lot to put it on.  It was the reverse from downsizing which is what I would think 55+ people would be looking for.  Our house is one story, 2300+ square feet and is perfect for us.  I think we'll stay put.

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