Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Medical Alert Day

We had an appointment for Ted to have his routine endoscopy on Wednesday to keep an eye on whether his Barrett's Esophagus has reared its ugly head.  It has been since 2008 that he was diagnosed, treated and eventually released after 15 months of treatment.  Today's initial results were good but a few biopsies were taken and so we wait.

Last week we were informed that Ted's great nephew with disabilities was having a tumor removed from his spine, also on Wednesday.  His surgery went well but only 90% was removed because of it intertwining on his spine.  He was talking, wanted to go home and can move his legs but will be in ICU for a few days.  And again, we wait.

Kara thinks she has a hernia so had an appointment - on Wednesday!  The doctor ordered an ultrasound and we wait.

Wednesday morning the first thing to greet me on Facebook was my niece saying her husband was in surgery having an emergency appendectomy.  It had perforated so he will be hospitalized for 2-3 days receiving IV antibiotics.  He came through well and was able to eat but was in pain so we wait for his release.  

The news on my father is he is still in hospice care plus round the clock attendants.  He is slipping but at most times is very clear of mind.  We are so thankful he is not in pain but he is troubled because he realizes what is going on with his deteriorating health.  We and our girls have been going to Florida to visit and give my sister a little break.  His wife's daughter and my sister's daughter went to Florida to help too.   Today was a calm day and the hospice nurse will visit tomorrow.  Kara and Bill are due to arrive there Friday.  And again, we wait.

My friend Shari is going to have her hip replaced so she asked me - on Wednesday - if she could borrow anything that might be helpful so we got out the toilet riser, walker, cane, long handled shoe horn and the "picker upper" for her to use.  

I felt like all the medical news was way more than I could deal with in one day.  But there are so many prayer warriors out there that I made it through the day just fine.  The folks came and power washed the drive, walk, deck and courtyard.  They will return to put the preservative on the deck once it dries out.  The garage is cleaned out and orderly.  I have made progress!

Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting.  ~ Joyce Meyer

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