Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Home For A Bit

Bill had half a day off so when he came home we went out to lunch.  I had the Polish mini combo plate with blintz, pierogi and potato pancake, a carb fest!  It was all good but they brought me a cheese blintz and I had asked for apple.  They brought me the correct one so no harm done.  We had to head home eventually because the kids were due home from school.

Our bags were all packed so when it was time to leave we just grabbed our suitcases and took off with Kara in her car.  We hit a bit of traffic but not much and arrived in plenty of time.  I didn't notice that we had TSA pre check again until it was pointed out to me so we were through security in record time.  Our flight was at 8:15 so we had a coney and drink, then Ted had his shoes shined.

Our flight home was uneventful even with all the storms we had to fly through, over and around.  We waited longer for the parking shuttle than we had for anything on all four legs of our recent trips.  When it gets to be after 10 pm they don't run around quite as frequently.  Then there are always the amateur parkers that didn't make note of their parking spot!  We came right home and it wasn't long before Ted was in bed.  I needed a bit of time to unwind before heading off.  We both slept really well.  No matter what, there is nothing like your own bed.

Ted left the next day for Dallas and had to drive his truck instead of renting a car like he usually does.  Every Enterprise office as far away as Huntsville had no cars.  We assume they are all replacing cars damaged in the recent floods.  It is just easier for him to park in the city in a car versus the dually.

I headed to the nail salon and found it closed due to the power being out from the storm that went through around 4 am.  I slept through it!  So I tried the salon closer to home and was actually very pleased with the results.  Then I went to the afternoon Thank You party for Newcomer Activity Chairs.  It was done beautifully and I saw many friends I haven't seen in quite some time.  I am always impressed with the lovely displays these ladies are able to put together.  

Ted, of course, was gone so I took advantage and watched all the shows I had missed.  An evening with the remote just for me.  Kara didn't even know she had On Demand until we showed her so we could watch Amazing Race.  I went to bed but didn't sleep as well as I do when Ted is home.

Thursday was my Shanghai day but with Ted not home I had to make arrangements for Carol to give Isabelle the key to get in my house when Isabelle finished cleaning her house.  It worked fine and they were just finishing up when I arrived home.  Ted came in soon afterwards.  It was past 5:00 so we went out to dinner.  I definitely need to go to the grocery.

The tree trimmers came on Friday to give us an estimate and are coming back Wednesday to do our two live oaks.  They are about to attack our house, the driveway next door and even the street.  I have a hard time getting things to grow in the planting area because of all the shade.  We are still waiting for Greg to do the power washing of the drive, walks and deck.  Then he will put preservative on the deck.  The humidity in SE Texas is brutal and the proof is in the black mold that appears on everything outdoors.  Next up is replacing the rear fence but that will have to wait until the fall.  The wheels of contracted help grind exceedingly slow.  This is all new to us because we used to move every 3.8 years averagely and 7 years was about the longest we stayed in one house.  Constant upkeep is a whole new ballgame!

We met Gerre and Barry for dinner and then came back to the house to play cards.  I am on a "not winning" streak!  Gerre won all my dimes. It was so good to see them.  It has been since Thanksgiving since we saw them last.  

Saturday Ted mostly watched the NFL draft and golf until it was time for church.  Together we also watched Amazing Race on our On Demand channel.  It is so easy to wile away a whole day.  I did do two loads of laundry.  After church we had dinner with Terry and Carol as a last minute decision after church.  I really do need to get to the store.

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