Monday, December 7, 2015

Back to Normal

Our friend Rick was in town from Memphis so we invited him to come visit Saturday, attend church with us and then we took him to dinner.  It was good to see him but we missed his wife Brenda who was unable to come.  We waited a long time for a table at Saltgrass so it was pretty late when we got home.

I am feeling more like my old self each day.  The hesitancy when I first stand to walk is almost gone.  I can sleep most any which way without experiencing discomfort and that has been a relief.  I do think the arthritis diagnosed in my lumbar region is in play but there isn't much to be done there other than meds or injections.  Once all the aches from the hip surgery are gone we can address that situation. 

Ted worked at the gun club on Friday.  He had to leave Beaumont by 8 am to get there in time.  Then he had to be up at 7:30 to work Sunday.  He certainly is dedicated to a non-paying job!  But he enjoys it and there are some perks that come with it.  When the shoot was over he and his buddies did their normal shooting.  I am always reminded of the 100s of thousands of rounds these sportsmen shoot each year and you don't hear of any accidental, let alone intentional, harm occurring.  It isn't the gun, it is the person using it.

While Ted was gone I finished designing a Christmas card for good friends of ours.  They too celebrated their 50 year anniversary and wanted their card to reflect that.  I was very pleased with the finished product and hope they are too when the cards arrive.  And then I finished up mine for mailing. 

With that out of the way I got the granddaughters' gifts together and boxed up for mailing.  I stuck their envelopes with gift cards and checks into their bags and put the adults and our grandson's envelopes in too.  My grandson was so thoughtful in sending me a text telling me what he wanted, where to buy it and how much it cost.  I loved it!  And of course it is being shipped right to his house.  Good Grandma!

I had received a Kohl's $10 coupon so thought I would go buy another toy for our church Giving Tree.  The lines were so long to pay I decided to just go next door to Walmart and bought a watch with different colored bands for an older child.  To make dinner easy I picked up a rotisserie chicken they had just put out.  That took care of Sunday followed by pot pie on Monday!

We ran some errands on Monday - the bank, the post office, trial run to the location of my party Tuesday night, the grocery, gas station and car wash.  Whew!  After our chicken pot pie dinner we went to church at 7 pm for Mass.

Tuesday was the Forum Christmas party.  Ted was at the gun club working on getting a new scope put on and sighted ... and apparently doing some wheeling and dealing.  He is going to sell a trap gun he bought in 1964, before we were married!

So I picked up Judy and off to the Wild Stallion Vineyards we went.  It was a lovely venue that I had never even heard about.  The tables were set so nicely.

And their Blanc du Bois was delightful.  No more pain pills, hello a glass of vino!  It was a great turnout.  The company was marvelous and the dinner very good.  

There was about 24 feet of tabletop that was covered in toys for families in the area.  They will be distributed through three different agencies.  

I just love these gals I volunteer with!  Doris under the upside down Christmas tree.

Today Isabelle comes to clean and I think I will start getting my clothes ready to be taken to the RV.  Still not sure when we are leaving but it will be within two weeks.  There is still volunteer work to be done and a few more parties!

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