Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Countdown Continues

We had a successful 75 family and Shelter Santa intake day.  I was up early with drinks and water iced down, dolly in the car and I stopped to buy donuts on my way over.  Unfortunately there was a funeral at the Methodist Church and all the coffeepots were in use.  Eventually someone went to Starbucks and bought a box (yes a box) of coffee!

We accepted 73 of the 75 expected family gift piles and a whole lot of Shelter Santa gifts that are used for residents in the shelter all year long.  Of course toys for the kids topped the lists.

One of the highlights of the day is when the Corvette Club starts their parade.  Many of the cars are driven by a Santa and each stops to unload their goodies.

We were sent home 1.5 hours early because they were waiting for the last two donations and were unable to reach those folks.  They didn't want us waiting around for someone who may not show up.  I was glad because we were due at the country club at 6:00 for Irene's birthday dinner.  

I dressed quickly and we arrived right on time.  We had a nice dinner with Irene, John, Terry and Carol. We probably won't see them again until the end of March.  It was a very long day for me.

I was scheduled to go to an open house luncheon on Wednesday.  Working at the Northwest Assistance Ministries during the August back to school shot blitz must trigger the invitation.  I planned on attending but just found myself with too much to do before repeating a second day of Gift Distribution and I was frankly running out of time to get things done before we leave.  I sent an email with my last minute regrets.  Colleen probably won't see it until after the fact but at least I let her know. It wasn't a sit down luncheon where a place is set for you so I am sure no one missed me.

Thursday was back to the Methodist Church to distribute the 73 family gifts that were collected Tuesday.  All the sorted Shelter Santa gifts had been picked up and taken to the Shelter for use at Christmas by anyone who may be living at the Shelter during the holidays.  The rest will be used throughout the year as needed.

I once again stopped for a dozen donuts and had cleaned my stored coffeepot and took it, but there were two boxes of coffee from Starbucks so I left it in the car.  I rolled our new Yeti cooler on the dolly into our area.  With all the cookies that had been given to us on Tuesday I chose to bring a Christmas platter and make a nice presentation for the girls.

The ten of us were extremely busy early in the day.  If someone came for pickup and had 6 bags plus bicycles, it took most of the 10 people to bring the gifts out and load them in the vehicle.  Bicycles and most cars are not real compatible but these ladies figured every situation out.  It was fairly busy the rest of the day.  We had bilingual members present to help the Shelter Directors when necessary.  Not much sitting down was done by anyone.

I was very tired and achy by the time I arrived home about 5:00.  Ted made us salads, I put the ice pack on my lower back and plopped on the couch!  My duties are finished except for my report and updating the Blue Book for next year's chairperson. But that isn't due until May.

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