Monday, December 28, 2015

The Week Between

Saturday was WINDY!  Way north of us in the Texas panhandle violent storms and blizzards were breaking out then traveling east causing havoc and even some deaths.  What a terrible situation at what should be a happy time of year.  Others were experiencing warmer Christmases than ever.  The weather guessers down here predict our weather will cool off and be in the more normal range this week.  I was just doing my best not to turn into Mary Poppins with no umbrella.

We went to 4 pm Mass and Fr. Roy had us in stitches.  It was the feast of the Holy Family and he talked about his family going to his Grandma's on the Sunday before Christmas each year and the characters each family has.  He had an uncle married to a beauty queen and he drank too much.  His cousin said about the couple "She is like a rose and he is like a fart."  He smashed his face with his two hands showing what Aunt Clara did as she proclaimed each year how much he had grown, just funny things we can all relate to.  We were in and out pretty quickly because there were two weddings before our Mass and one after.  Fr. Roy had a busy day.

For dinner we went to the Riverside Club but it was too windy to sit outside.  This is the place that showed up on Fox News filled with illegal women and children the summer of the mass exodus from Mexico and Central America.  The restaurant and bar were filled and everyone was just waiting for Border Patrol.  We recognized it right away on TV.  Their tour boat, The Dreamer, was right behind the reporter.  Our other favorite spot, Pepe's on the River, is all boarded up.  We are bummed about that.  It was our favorite watering hole and dance venue on Sunday afternoons.

Saturday night is card bingo next door at Bentsen Palms.  We played with Jeff and Elaine.  Not one of us even got close.  It seemed the same people were winning more than once for some reason.  Now we need to get more change for next week.  A funny thing was one lady of the foursome playing next to us had a bag of change.  She put her and her husband's coins out and then had to front the other couple who didn't know to bring change.  That other lady won twice, put all her coins in a bag and took it home!  The poor woman who fronted them had an empty ziplock bag and nothing was said about reimbursing her!  It takes all kinds.

Sunday was cool and windy, a perfect football watching day for Ted.  I opted to go shopping.  After trolling Macy's two huge lots with absolutely no luck finding a parking spot, I moved on to JCP instead.  I found a few things and used my phone to bring up their coupon and received $10 off $25 in purchases.  I was allowed to use it twice so she rang up my things in two separate transactions.  As I started to leave the lot I noticed a Dillard's but I wasn't ready to play the "find a parking space" game again and just came home.

Our plans to grill a pork tenderloin outside was out of the question so Ted drove to Little Caeser's for a Hot and Ready $5 pizza.  They even have a drive thru in the one close to us.  It is the only pizza in Texas with enough sauce on it!  It was a curl up with a blanket night and I enjoyed the no muss, no fuss dinner.

This week is pretty laid back.  The rest of the folks will start arriving for a January 1 check in.  We are pretty much filled here but next door has a long way to go.  Jay and Stella arrive 1/9 but Eileen, Tom, Lee and Ira are not coming until 2/1.  We'll just have to hold down the fort in the meantime.

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