Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Here Comes New Years Eve

Ted went to shoot trap on Monday but no one ever showed up with the thrower so he came back home.  We decided to take my prescription to Walmart for refill and then hit the post office to mail Kara's package.  Later on we went to Cracker Barrel to shop, not eat, and to Academy.  I am always on the lookout for bingo prizes for the senior lunches.  Those 70% off prices are really good.  I bought a couple things so I am good for the April bingo after I return.  Ted found nothing at Academy.

We came home and he grilled our pork tenderloin.  I reheated the leftover sweet potatoes and put out the remainder of two salads plus some applesauce.  Nice, but easy, dinner.  His second disappointment of the day was our cable does not have ESPN so he couldn't watch the Bengals.  There is a TV in the clubhouse but no one seems to know how to turn it on.  The detailed directions didn't work and two days before someone had written that fact at the bottom of the sheet.  I told him he could stream it on my I-Pad but he didn't want to use up all that bandwidth.

Tuesday dawned cloudy but not too cold and we headed to the gun range for our first competition.  Kathy and Bob across the street asked for a ride since they had a dead battery.  My Expedition held all the guns, ammo and chairs with no problem and we enjoyed the chance to visit with them.

We were shooting at a Christmas tree drawn on legal size piece of paper with 9 one-inch balls drawn on it.  I hit the inside line on one ball scoring 5 versus 10 if your shot was clean in the middle.  The other shots hit the tree but not the balls.  Ted scored zero!  Since it was Christmas everyone got a free second chance.  Ted scored 25 and came in second.  I put three shots in a perfect vertical line right next to one of the balls and scored nothing.  The other two shots hit the tree but not the balls.  Then there was a mystery shoot that entailed shooting a target ball to see how far you could move it.  My 22 didn't have enough oomph so I didn't want to waste the ammo and chose not to shoot.  Ted moved it 16 feet and Russ won moving it 45 feet.  It isn't too fair that you can shoot any size ammo.  Ted had bigger than most, Russ had bigger than Ted.  But I don't get to make the rules.

Lunch was served and winners were announced.  For the $10 we spent to shoot and have lunch, Ted won $20.  Not a bad morning. 

Afterwards we went to Cracker Barrel to exchange a sweatshirt I bought the day before that had a stain on the back that I didn't see.  They moved from 25% to 40% off overnight so I was able to buy a small Fall pillow at 70% off for $1.50 with the difference and its original price was $15.  Good shopping for the seniors bingo games!

We stopped at Mission West to get their entertaining line up and checked out the car wash to have my car detailed.  Clean inside and out plus hand waxing for $33.  Ted said as soon as the rain predictions end he is taking my car up.  He will probably have the truck done too.  The RV washer guy has already stopped by to set an appointment to do our trailer.  We will have that done too before we leave.

Last stop was at Walmart to pick up my prescription and a few groceries before heading home.  It is amazing how quickly a day can go by.  Such is life in the valley.

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