Monday, November 30, 2015

And Here Comes Christmas

After church on Saturday we came home to turkey sandwiches, sweet potatoes and cranberry jello salad.  Tasted even better the second time!  We were more than happy to settle in and not even think about going out.

It has been on the cool side but Ted went shooting Sunday anyway and I went to the strip mall shopping center.  I needed address labels to print my Christmas card address list.  While there I bought three toys for our church giving tree and also to take to the Forum holiday party.  Both of these things are next week.  I need to think about the other gifts I need to get.  I do believe Santa is into checks and gift cards this year!

Ted wanted to go out to eat but I wanted the refrigerator cleared out of all the restaurant boxes.  So he had the second half of Larry's ribs from Willie's and I had the rest of my pork chop from Brio.  We had a variety of sides to choose from so we accomplished two things - Dinner and a clean refrigerator!

I thought my doctor appointment was Monday but it was actually Wednesday so the day was pretty restful.  Then I received a call changing it to late Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday turned into a pretty good test for me.  I had to be up and out by 7:45 to work at the Lutheran Church for a senior's bingo and lunch.  Everyone was very considerate of me and I made it through with flying colors.  However, when I arrived home I took a nap.

Later in the afternoon we went to the post office and then the doctor.  I am still on tract and it is ok I am still needing pain pills on days where I am on my feet for several hours.  A new prescription was given to me with the instructions to start weaning myself and using Tylenol when I can. That evening I took a Tylenol PM and did okay.

I had to hang out waiting for the A/C guy to come Wednesday and change out our thermostat.  When they installed our new unit they left our programmable one in place but it wasn't totally compatible so now we have an off/on up/down one that you have to fool with constantly!  It is smaller and I had to paint around it.  Of course we didn't have any of that color paint left so I used the Sherwin Williams color app to determine the color.  I knew it was a shade lighter than Sandstone and was something like Plain Beige which I thought was funny at the time.  Turns out it is Familiar Beige.  I spent $14 for a quart of paint I used a thimble of!

Ted headed to Beaumont Thursday and I used the time to pick up the aforementioned paint, had copies made of the game we are going to play at our Christmas Bunco luncheon and did four loads of laundry.  I knew Friday was going to be busy with a capital B.

I was up before daylight Friday to finish putting away all that laundry, straighten up where needed, got myself ready and headed out about 9:15.  The December Board of Directors meeting for Forum is always a brunch and everyone attends because it is a fun time.  Then I had a hair appointment at noon followed by a trip to the hardware store.  Our toilet flap was not sealing and periodically the water was leaking enough and you could hear the tank refilling itself.  I bought a new flap, came home and changed it out.  It seems to be working.

In the evening we met Gerre, Barry, Mary Ann and Mike for dinner followed by the play Meet Me In St. Louis.  The young girl who played Tootie Smith absolutely stole the show.  The two older girls had beautiful voices.  All in all, a great performance.


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