Friday, November 13, 2015

Week Four

Recovery Road is in sight!  Wednesday Ted left me alone to attend the men's lunch and I did just fine.  But I did get a headache in the afternoon so I kept a low profile all day.

I had PT Thursday morning that ended in a walk with Katena to the cul de sac and back.  She said I am doing great and next week I will be discharged.  She sees no need to ask for an extension.

I had about an hour to rest before Norma came by to pick me up for the ladies lunch.  Even though I can get around fine, it is very tiring for me and the incision gets very tight and uncomfortable.  I don't want to push too hard and end up causing a problem.

We did receive news from my brother Dan that his 15th grandchild arrived on Veterans Day.  He was welcomed by his two sisters and named Gunner.  Babies, babies and more babies.  We are awaiting grandbabies #94 and #95 of Ted's parents.  This includes grands, greats and great-greats!   Babies R Us and Bed, Bath and Beyond (showers and weddings) know me on a first name basis!

Out of 15 ladies we had 3 for lunch!  Medical issues continue to plague so many.  Pacemaker, dental bridge, hand surgery, bruised coccyx, etc.  It was a nice lunch in that Merry, Norma and I got to know each other on another level.  It is hard to have those deeper discussions in a large group.

While I was gone Ted attended the layout of a camping friend who died after 10 years in a nursing home.  I see his wife at the Senior Lunch when I work at the Lutheran Church.  She knew I had surgery and said not to worry, she will see me at the church in December.  If I knew the lunch crowd was so small I would have suggested we cancel and attended with Ted.

When we both returned, Ted went to "shoot a hog" at the gun club.  He has tried several times and so far the hogs are winning.  I just told him not to bring one home.  These wild boars are so destructive and there is open season on them all year.  Isabelle came to clean so we are off to a good start of the weekend.

I talked Ted into getting a haircut at the salon I go to.  His haircuts at the local barber just don't cut it for me.  So Friday we both went and his hair looks so much better.  Cindy did a terrific job.  Afterwards we were heading to dinner when the news broke about Paris.  All I can say is "There are none so blind as those that will not see."  It is so frightening to imagine what lies ahead for our children and grandchildren.

We stopped for dinner and received a phone call from Tommy and Susan.  We called them back as we drove home.  We all were so angry about Paris!  Once home I watched Amazing Race, my favorite show.

We attended church on Saturday and then I drove us to Connie's to play cards.  I can feel it in my leg when I move from gas to brake but now, for short distances, I am OK to drive.  Ted won at his table, but I, for lack of a 7 of Hearts, did not.  It was late when we got home.

Ted shot skeet on Sunday and then we met Terry, Carol, Vicki and Steve (their old Indiana neighbors) for dinner.  Afterwards we played cards.  Again, Ted won and I didn't!

Sunday night I was finally able to sleep in my bed.  I was very stiff in the morning and stood in the shower under real hot water to loosen my hip up.  I drove myself to play Bunco without incident.  More and more baby steps.

In the afternoon we hooked up the trailer and took it to get two new batteries installed so we will be ready next month.  I have no trouble driving but it still hurts swinging my leg to brake.  I have given up the narcotic pain pills and pretty much given up the other pain pills but I think it will be necessary on busy days to consider taking one before I start out.  

Tuesday is my second last PT visit.  I will have one more on Thursday which is the first day of Week 5.  I think it is time to return to normal life now.  I am still very stiff when I wake up and my hip hurts when I am on it too long but at 70 I guess you need to deal with some aches and pains.  Thanks for listening this past month.  It felt good to know others were interested in my progress.

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