Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Onward and Upward

This is the last week of my post surgery.  Six weeks is a pretty standard timeframe for recovery from most surgeries.  I have a doctor's appointment for next Monday.  I am still dealing with soreness and stiffness around the incision.  I don't recall ever having this much discomfort the last time for this long.  I am 8 years older which is probably contributing to it. Maybe I need some additional PT.

That aside, I was up early to begin the day with our company.  I had a French toast casserole ready for the oven so when folks started to stir I popped it in the oven and cooked a pound of bacon to go with it.  We had a nice breakfast and once finished, Kristin and I started making two pumpkin and a cherry pie for Thanksgiving dessert.  I used cherries that Ted and I picked in Traverse City MI last summer.  Next up was getting the marinated green beans ready.  Last for the day was the cranberry jello salad.  Of course then the kitchen needed to be cleaned and the dishwasher emptied.  I had been on my feet over six hours and wasn't even dressed yet.

Kristin and I finished setting the table and it looked very nice.  I was not sure of my numbers because there were a couple people recovering and others with fluid plans.  We always had 7 eating dinner with us and right then it stood at 9.  I set the table for 10 because there were two separate single folks who may or may not have joined us.  Regardless, I would make it work.  With Gerre bringing a 25 lb. turkey it was not a problem!

Ted and Larry had gone to the gun club so we ladies all got ready and when they returned we headed to Brio to have a very late lunch or early dinner.  Either way, Larry treated us all to a very nice meal.  I imbibed to the tune of two glasses of wine with dinner.

We were going to walk through the lighted display at the ice rink but my muscles were objecting big time.  After a quick stop at the mall, we headed home.  A pain patch on my muscles and a pain pill (which I haven't taken for days) were first up.  I crashed on the couch and quickly felt much better.

I had a good night's sleep and was up by 7:00. After breakfast, first up was peeling the white and sweet potatoes and then Ted and I peeled the shrimp.  I had my cheat sheet telling me at what time I had to put different things in the oven.   Once the drinks were iced and the appetizers ready we were able to sit for a bit.  

Three o'clock was the bewitching hour and all our company arrived right on time, 10 in all.  I had all the dishes under control and Barry proceeded to slice the turkey.  It was so moist and tender.

It was a great meal if I say so myself.  Everyone cleaned their plate.  The cherry pie was gone before either of the pumpkin were cut!  We chatted over coffee while the first dishwasher cycle ran and then made some doggie bags to go.  After everyone left we emptied and filled the dishwasher again and I immediately fell asleep on the couch.

We had been concerned about the weather but the reports kept changing so we kept our fingers crossed.  Thanksgiving was fine and Friday dawned warm but cloudy.  After quiche for breakfast we gave the kids my car to go to the mall.  No way did I want to go there.  This gave me an opportunity to straighten up a bit and run a load of laundry.  Once I was dressed I took a nap on the couch!

When it was dark we headed to the Magical Lighting Lantern Exhibit at Sam Houston Raceway.  This is apparently the first time it has been exhibited in the US and will run for 52 days.  Imagine our dismay when it started raining while we waited in line to park. It stopped shortly and was dry the rest of the night.  But the rain had turned everything into a wet, muddy mess.  There were no handouts to show you the best route to take so we wandered around until we thought we had seen all but the rides and midway.  

The exhibits are beautiful.  The Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House, Taj Mahal, the pyramids, Under the Sea, Dinosaur Land, London Bridge, Chinese Zodiac Signs, etc.  I had my photo taken with the Rooster, my sign.  There was a special Houston exhibit with all our sport teams, a NASA rocket, the rodeo, etc.  All in all an enjoyable evening except for the mud!
We stopped at our favorite Mexican restaurant before going home.  I have umpteen take-home boxes filling the refrigerator from our various meals out.  The packing commenced and the scale was brought out to see if the Christmas gifts purchased put any of the suitcases over 50 lbs.  Initially it appears things are OK.

I stayed out of the way so the showers and bathrooms were available to the others.  They stripped their beds and I started laundry right away.  By the time they left I was putting the towels in the washer and took the last twin set of sheets out of the dryer to put back on.  While Ted drove to the airport I took the pads and leaves off the dining room table and put that back in order and straightened up other odds and ends.    We are back in business!

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