Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week Two

Thursday morning I woke up because I couldn't get comfortable no matter what.  It was just 6 am.  I want so much to sleep on my side but for now neither hip is cooperating.  I got up and ate a bit of the pie so I could take a pain pill.  I can't do much with one hand in the kitchen so it seemed like a good idea to me.

I went to the couch and fell back to sleep until around 8:00.  PT was coming so I got up to clean myself up for the day and put a few things in order.  Everything takes me so long and I tire so easily.  PT went well and I think she is moving me to just twice a week starting next week.  I have to do it myself on days she doesn't come.  Some moves are easy enough, others harder.  What surprised me is trying to exercise my left side which is fine but in doing so you are asking the right side to support you. Then you can really feel it.  I hang on for dear life doing them.  I am still not steady enough to go without my walker.  She wants me to graduate to the cane in the house.  I will wear the belt that Ted can hold on to while I walk with just the cane.

Isabelle came to clean amidst all the chaos and Judy stopped by with dinner. It was from a new French restaurant that I didn't know anything about.  She brought soup, quiche, salad, croissants and pastries.  It was fabulous, great food.  I need to check it out further to see if I can take my neighborhood ladies there when it is my month to choose.

On Friday when I started my PT on my own, my right leg quad cramped.  Trying to get out of a recliner with a new hip and Charley horse is not easy!  I put ice on it but every time I tried again I could feel it starting to pull so I just stopped.  I will try again in the morning.

We finished Judy's leftovers for lunch and Esther came by with some beautiful roses and to visit.  She stayed about an hour and that was the extent of our excitement for the day.  

Saturday morning Susan called and asked if they could stop by since they are heading home on Sunday from the campground.  Since we were going nowhere I told them to come on over.  We had a nice visit and talked about them coming to Mission while we are down there.  They did it once and we had a great time.  When they left I got into the shower and this time washed my hair too.  Then I attempted my recliner PT and got the same cramping.  So I just moved on to the walking/balance/stretching ones for now.  

The rest of Halloween was quiet.  Despite Ted's optimism that just maybe we would have trick or treaters and bought a bag of candy, none came.  We are 13 years, zero trick or treaters!

I finally went to bed when no matter where I sat or laid was comfortable.  I managed sometime during the night to get up on my left side with my foam thing between my legs keeping my knees apart and more than 90 degrees from my hip.  I hope this is a turning point in my healing.  I slept until 8 am, got up for a pain pill, cookie and coffee and then went back to sleep until 11!  Awesome sleeping.

Sunday was all football.  I am glad Ted has something to watch all weekend but I tire of it quite easily. I talked to my sister in Cincinnati, Eileen in Florida and our friends in Michigan.  Everyone is checking up on us.  Absolutely nothing else happened here the rest of the day.

PT was at 9:30 Monday and then we had no visitors at all.  Ted had to actually make dinner.  Tuesday, however, was busy starting with PT at 9:30 followed by a shower and Ted getting ready to leave for the day.  Gerre came, and then Jennifer, to babysit me.  We had a nice girls day, lunch together and at 4:00 Judy came for the second shift. 

Of course she came laden with food that will last us a couple of days.  I had a salad sampler plate that was delicious and allowed me to take just the second pain pill of the day.  She fixed herself a plate and we watched some TV until Ted arrived home around 10.  I am overwhelmed with the caring and generosity of our friends through this time.

Where was Ted all day?  He had to pick up a fellow at the airport, go to lunch downtown, attend a meeting and then attend a dinner before dropping his passenger off at his hotel at the airport.  It was a long day but he so needed to get out and talk shop and sports with guys!  I was visualizing him doing a cartwheel out the gate but he said that didn't happen.

So Week Three starts today with me down to 2-3 pain pills a day (versus 12 they say I can take!), walking inside with just a cane, sleeping better and doing small things around the house.  I started laundry by leaning against the hamper and using my picker upper thing to bring each piece to me so I could turn it right side out and then drop it in the washer.  Ted did all the transferring after that and I eventually folded it.  Once he carried it to the bedroom I put it away.  Baby steps in getting back into a routine.

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