Monday, October 19, 2015

Tomorrow Is The Day

Sunday I decided to straighten up Ted's "room."  To say he didn't appreciate it is an understatement!  I bought matching clear bins so all his things are visible but uniform with no wasted space.  If there is an empty spot he will find something to set there.  When there isn't an empty spot he starts piling things up like containers sitting in the doorway.  I didn't throw anything away and It looks much better.  I think when he can find things easier he might come around.  Next up - the garage!  But that will have to wait until I am back on my feet.

My Bunco group met Monday and I was presented with another birthday cake and more birthday cards.  My sister in law Carol had a cake made and she and Penny the hostess coordinated the surprise.  This has certainly been the year of celebration cakes.  It is fun being married 50 years and turning 70 all in the same calendar year.  This group is a great group of gals and I was overwhelmed with their thoughtfulness.

After Bunco we went to vote early.  We had requested mail-in ballots but only Ted's arrived.  Of course mine indicated I had received a ballot by mail so it took two phone calls and a form to be able to cancel the mail-in and be allowed to vote.  Despite Ted's having arrived last week I bet mine shows up this week.  I have to shred it if it does.

Today I did the laundry after I put on clean sheets as directed in my booklet.  I have to shower tonight with special soap, put on clean PJs, get in the clean bed and then do it again in the morning.  After dinner I received a call saying my arrival time has been changed from 7 to 9 and my surgery pushed back.  Eventually we will get this done!

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