Tuesday, October 27, 2015

First Week After

We were home by late Friday afternoon and got all my things gathered on a table near the recliner.  I didn't want to stay in bed all the time and at first the couch was too low.  Poor Ted had to get up with me every two hours that first night.  I don't know where all the liquid was coming from.

The PT lady came Saturday morning to assess my needs and do the paperwork so she wasn't here too long.  Since we were up and down all night we both promptly fell asleep after she left.  The phone ringing at 1:00 woke us up.

Late in the afternoon Terry and Carol brought us dinner before they went to church.   Ted really enjoyed the ribs Carol made but my appetite had not returned so I skipped dinner.  Our second night was a bit better in that I only got Ted up once.

On Sunday Carol and Terry stopped at Popeye's and again brought dinner.  I ate two wings and a few spoonfuls of sides.  I think my medication has a lot to do with my lack of an appetite.  Ted, on the other hand, is so grateful for and enjoying all this food.  He has been very busy being nurse, kitchen help, and getting everything I need.  He doesn't get to sit down much.  We have watched lots and lots of football!

PT came by Monday morning and Ted used the opportunity to run across the street to get water and a few groceries.  I did really well and she could see an improvement in just those two days.  Gerre came by to visit and brought us her homemade sausage ziti.  Ted was going to stick it in the oven at 5:00 when John showed up laden down with bags from Spring Creek BBQ.  It was all ready to go so we switched gears and had brisket and turkey.  I was able to eat a bit more than I had been so we have lots left!  I told John he brought enough for us to throw a party.  What wonderful friends and family we have to help us out.

Tuesday was a busy day.  I had both PT and a doctor's appointment.  I got totally dressed including makeup before PT so I would be able to rest afterwards and before needing to leave.  That in itself took a lot out of me.  I did all my PT and then rested before climbing into my Expedition for the ride and long walks to the doctor's office.  My incision looks very good and everything else is right on schedule. Then there was the climb and the ride back home.  

Because we had so much food left from John the day before that we asked Terry and Carol to come over and eat with us to help make room in the refrigerator.  I tried to help get things on the table and cleaned up a little afterwards.  And I paid for it dearly on Wednesday.  I laid pretty low the entire day.  Late in the afternoon Jody brought us a homemade apple pie because she knows it is my favorite.  She knew I was resting up and didn't stay long.

To end our first week since surgery we ate ziti, salad, bread and apple pie.  We have certainly had lots of good food to choose from.  Now I hope today's rest will get me back on track because being sore and tired is no fun!

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