Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rancho El Charco

Tom had to move his motorhome from his temporary stop down the street from us on Lark to his February spot on Mallard.  Ted went shooting with Don while they got settled in again.  I took my time getting ready.  This coughing is just wearing me out and keeping both of us from sleeping well.

When the dust settled we headed to La Joya to Rancho El Charco to see it when it was open and to take the wagon ride.  There wasn't a big crowd but people told us that was probably due to the Super Bowl because normally the place is packed.  It overlooks the Rio Grande River and is quite picturesque.

We listened to some pretty good music and had a margarita that was potent!  Two of them and they would have had to carry me out!  The wagon returned and we got on.  

It was pulled by mules that were a cross between a donkey and a Clydesdale.  We never had seen such a combination.

We rode through some very primitive Texas terrain to other venues within the ranch.  We came across this deer who was so used to people that it never flinched.

We came to an outdoor chapel that is used for weddings.  The primitive altar was done mostly in wood.  There was no indication of its age.

We continued on to the waterfall that had a nice atmosphere.  We walked across a rope bridge one at a time.  It rocked quite a bit but I just stopped whenever it started rocking and started up again when it stopped.  Ted has such height he had more difficulty but made it.

We continued on and saw a pool area used for picnics and such in the summertime when children are out of school.  Our guide said he does many nature programs for children.

It was getting close to Game Time so we came home.  Eileen fixed Skyline chili and we sat outside watching the TV embedded in the side of their motorhome.  I was so tired that I left the three of them there watching the Super Bowl and came home to my couch.  The Z Pak seems to be working but this coughing is so tiring.

Ted came home at half time  and I got up to watch the last of the game with a finish that was just unbelievable.  I had no horse in the race but can certainly enjoy a good game with a great finish.  Congratulations to the Patriots.

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