Thursday, February 5, 2015

This Is More Like It

Our weather has been way better than last month.  The temps have been pleasant, the rain has stopped, but the sun sure likes to hide out.  But recently even the sun has been peeking out more and more.

Jan picked me up after Julia for breakfast on Thursday and then we picked up Eileen and Becky.  When Other Donna returns next week we will have to split up because there will be six of us going to breakfast and no one has a car or truck to seat 6.  I think 31 ladies were there.  

We came home for the fellows then went to Academy for Eileen to buy cowboy boots.  Then we went on to Skecher's where we all bought two pairs of shoes each except Ted.

Tom and Ted went to Riverside Club for a late lunch and Eileen and I went to finish our mosaic piece.  The teacher, Kathy, is right next door to me so it was convenient.  Here are the 24 pieces completed this time.  

Here I am with mine.

There is going to be a prom after we leave in March so later in the afternoon we went to the clubhouse to see the formals brought by a ropa store that sells them for $10-15.  There was lots of modeling going on and many dresses were purchased for the big night.  The fellows will wear dark pants and a tuxedo T-shirt.  I am sorry we will miss it.  The ladies made corsages too.  It should be a fun night.

Friday we met up with Stella, Jay, Mike and Linda at the bridge into Progreso, Mexico.  I needed to replace the pills we both had taken getting rid of the crud.  Ted also had his teeth cleaned, Stella had her stitches removed and Eileen made an appointment for her cleaning for next week.  We all had coffee and a pastry at Renee's then split up for more shopping.  I bought a slide and earrings but that was all.  We walked around for several hours before coming back across the bridge and headed to Mid Valley Boots to pick up my new boots.  Now I can get my new black jeans hemmed and I will be ready for the rodeo!

We asked Jose at the boot shop for a lunch recommendation and he suggested Fiesta TexMex but since it was past 2:00 the buff-it (that's how he said it) was over.  It was a great suggestion, the food was really good.  We skipped dinner that evening since we ate so late.

Eileen and I spent Saturday morning at a salon where she had waxing and eyebrows done while I had waxing and a dermabrasion facial.  Next up will be our nails and before we leave, another haircut.  We came home and both did things around the house until time for church.  Ted came back from the gun range and helped me by vacuuming.  Fr. Roy was in San Antonio so we had Fr. Speedy Gonzales for Mass and were out in record time.  So we took advantage and went to Riverside Club for a bite to eat before card bingo.  None of us won anything but it was an enjoyable evening.  But winning would be better.

Don called Ted Sunday and he begged off shooting because he was under the weather.  So a phone call to Dave to come earlier got them to the club and back in record time.  I had the laundry ready to go and we finished that up quickly.  Then it was off to Pepe's on the River (the Rio Grande River) to enjoy the 84 degrees, sunshine and light breeze.  There was a good crowd but we found a spot and enjoyed margaritas and a few dances before coming home.  

Ted grilled steaks and I made a salad and baked potatoes for dinner.  At 6:00 it was time for the new bunco group.  There were 24 women but the leader was trying to tell folks how to play by reading rules off the internet.  She wasn't too interested in help from several of us well versed in this so I just went with the flow until she hit a wall.  You can't keep score without a sheet of paper, there is no point in passing around a fuzzy dice when you bunco if there is no prize for having it at the end, why would losers leave a table and keep moving to the head table instead of winners?  She got most of it settled with a little help but the confusion soured some on the game.  I only have two more Sundays here so I will play and keep my mouth shut unless I am asked!

Even a fish wouldn't get in trouble if he kept his mouth shut."

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