Friday, January 30, 2015

Down With The Crud

Well I drove to breakfast and back without incident taking Becky and Jan with me.  Once I returned and Ted was ready, we went to the grocery and also got fuel for $2.42 for diesel.  I can remember one summer paying $4.75 in Vicksburg, MS!

I put together the lasagna and laid down for a nap.  Everyone here has whatever this is going around and both Ted and I are coughing our heads off.  I took Nyquil Wednesday night and it always knocks me out into the next day.

Ted went to another gun thing around 3:00 and shortly thereafter, Eileen and Tom arrived.  I walked down and Tom was unhitching the car and then I helped him back into Walter's spot.  Eileen says she normally asks someone in the campground to help him!  He understood my hand signals just fine and he was parked in no time.

They didn't stop for lunch so I came home and put the lasagna in the oven, tossed the salad and sliced the bread.  By the time we finished dinner I was fading fast.  I was in bed around 8 with another shot of Nyquil.  I was hoping I would feel better in the morning.

I slept better but both of us coughed all night long.  We were taking antibiotics but the cough just lingered.  We were due at Karen and Dave's at 1:00 so I got the baked beans together, made up the ambrosia and filled our cooler with drinks.  Tom drove and it was nice to see our old friends, many of whom remembered Eileen and Tom from last year.  We were given an invitation to Vern's 70th birthday party in Colorado for the 4th of July.  However, we are already booked for a 60th anniversary party in Bowling Green, KY.  We came home about 5:00 and Eileen told me to go to bed.  I laid on the couch and was out like a light until 8.  I stayed up until 11, took my Nyquil and slept until 6 in the morning.

I took my time getting ready on Saturday.  It was 3:00 before we left for dinner at Cheddars.  Despite being told we had to wait 10-20 minutes, ww were seated as soon as the guys finished parking the car.  We had some time afterwards to stop at Academy for ammo.  Ted is going to take Tom to the range to familiarize him better with his handgun.

We went to the Shrine of Our Lady of San Juan of the Valley for Mass.  The road we use to get to Fr. Roy was closed for the citrus parade and he was riding in the parade so we thought it a good time to experience the mariachi band during Mass at the Shrine.  We left there and headed to a show at Canyon Lake park.  It was OK but not one I would tell people not to miss and I wouldn't see it again.  The comedian was funny and did great mimicking especially singing as Elvis.  He needs more of that and less of his wife singing karaoke.

We continued to be congested and coughing through the night so we are started on Z Paks.  We needed bigger guns to lick this thing.

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