Monday, February 2, 2015

Cool and Dreary Again!

We woke to cool and cloudy weather which the weatherman had predicted.  We walked to the mailboxes to mail Bill's birthday card and stopped at Eileen's motorhome.  We decided Ted and Tom  would spend some time at the gun range with Tom receiving instruction from Ted while Eileen and I went to our mosaics class.  It took us a bit longer than time allotted so afterwards we came right home to have dinner and settle in for this weeks The Bachelor.  It is my revenge for all the football I have to watch.

Tuesday was no better weatherwise so we went to the Winter Texan Extravaganza at the convention center.  There were very few vendors and was mostly seminars.  We happened in just when the entertainment/seminars broke for an  hour's  lunch.  So once we hit all the vendors we left for Gonzales Burgers for lunch.  They were on #41 and we got #60.  We had to wait for a table anyway so we were able to get a spot and get settled before our number was called.

We must have just missed our friends Jay and Stella because we saw on Facebook that they were there right before us.  I also received four calls in the time we were gone regarding bunco and the upcoming fashion show.  It is getting to be like home!

Eileen wanted small decorative tile put in the half bath of their motorhome so we drove to Penitas to the tile store.  They have what she needs and people to do it.  We decided she needed to take a piece of the counter back to be sure she chose the right color.  

Happy Hour was set for Tuesday evening but the weather just wasn't inviting enough to coax us out early before we left for the Mickey Gilley show.  What a fabulous performance!  It was like visiting with an old friend.  He sang everyone of his 17 number one hits, shared photos and clips from TV shows and movie performances, duets with ladies and told the story of his entire career including mentioning his cousins Jimmy Swaggert and Jerry Lee Lewis.  There were even news clips of firefighters trying to extinguish the fire that destroyed Gilley's in Pasadena, TX.  The highlight for me was when the clips of Urban Cowboy were run, up popped the wedding scene and there was our friend Tommy in the movie!  
I have never enjoyed a concert more.

Today we went back to the tile store and arranged for the chosen tile to be installed in the motorhome while Ted was shootiing with Don and Dave.  As soon as we got back we went next store to Kathy's coach house to grout our mosaic plates.  Because it was margarita night I needed to make an appetizer but Eileen and Tom couldn't go because the tile was being installed.  We met up with Don and Trudy and met a couple from Indiana.  The folks who arrived at the park 2/1 make much better snacks than the other folks did.  Nice spread!

Tomorrow is an early start with the ladies breakfast at 8:15.  Time is just flying by!

All the girls all get prettier at closing time
Oh, they all begin to look like movie stars
All the girls all get prettier at closing time
When the change starts taking place it puts a glow on every face
Of the fallen angels of the back street bars

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