Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SUNSHINE and 85!

It's been a long time coming but yesterday it arrived.  No rain, plenty of sunshine and 85 degrees.  Perfect!  I know rain is coming two days this week but I was basking in the perfect combination.

Folks finally getting to enjoy the pool.  It was kept heated the whole time!

Monday was Ted's day.  He met the "gun people" at someone's port home to attend a gun safety talk by a Border Patrol agent.  When they finished everyone went to the gun range for instructions from the agent because he is the trainer for the Border Patrol.  Ted said he helped him improve his accuracy.  Ted seldom shoots a pistol but he has them and does on occasion.

This is a port home that has a carport for your RV.  

There are four accommodations areas in Bentsen Palms.  Regular homes in Tanglewood, port homes as part of Retama Village where we are in a coach house spot 

and then the regular RV park next door. And there are one bedroom casitas within the RV park for those without an RV.

I spent the day doing a bit of cleaning and worked on my Swedish weaving.  I am 17 rows away from being done.  Then I have to learn to tie the fringe on both ends!

We went to a Mexican restaurant for the Couple's Lunch.  We met two more couples but we didn't like the food.  For one, they didn't bring what we ordered and then claimed the kitchen changed the special and two, what they brought we didn't like, greasy and drowning in melted cheese.  We didn't like Mambo's next door last year and we don't like Koko's this year!

I did a load of laundry when we got back and then put together a bag of things needed for Shanghai.  In the evening we hosted a game during Game Night.  Four others joined us and we have a start to getting a regular group going.  Bruce was the big winner even though it was his first time playing and Ted was last!  I liked that it turned out like that.

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