Saturday, January 17, 2015

Such A Sad Day

On Friday we had our unit washed and waxed then we went to a Skymed luncheon.  We invited Dave, Karen, Dulce and Berndt to join us as our guests.  There was a huge crowd, a nice lunch and new info on what our insurance policy covers.  I have left a message with the company because I want more info on some of these benefits.  "Certain circumstances" is a bit ambiguous to me when you are talkng about a legal document.

We were home mid-afternoon when I received an email from our church.  One of our beloved and gifted deacons had died in a tragic accident.  Ted and I are devastated.  I feel so badly for his wife and children especially, but also for our entire church community. It will take a long while for us to come to grips with this horrific event.

We returned home and eventually went next door to see a comedy team.  The wife was under the weather so the husband performed on his own and did a good job.  He took our minds off our sadness for a couple of hours.

There was an RV show going on in Mercedes so we headed that way on Saturday.  The weather has been great for a couple of days now.  After the show we ate at Olive Garden then headed to church.  Fr. Roy was in rare form and had us in stitches as soon as he stepped on the altar.  It lifted our spirits to be in church with laughter surrounding us.

Later that evening, we went next door again to hear Mario sing.  Ted said we saw him several years ago when he first came here to perform but I didn't remember him.  It was an enjoyable two hours and spending it with Trudy and Don made it even better.  Mario said he was friends with Mickey Gilly and talked about the movie Urban Cowboy.  He said he knew everything about that movie.  During intermission I told him about our friend Tommy and how he ended up playing the wedding photographer in the movie.  NOW maybe he knows everything about it.

Sunday was shooting and football for Ted.  For me it was banking, reading and swedish weaving with a peek or two at football.  I must say the last 5 minutes of the Seattle/Green Bay game were exciting.  I have no horse in either of these races so it was just something to pass time for me.  There was a talent show next door and Karen had offered her season tickets at Victoria Palms to us because David has the flu but we declined.  Playoffs you know!  Staying home was a welcome choice.

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