Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Waiting for Eileen and Tom

Monday was the ladies lunch out.  I was picked up as promised and headed to BJ Brewhouse.  We have one close to home but I have been there just 2 or 3 times.  I really liked the menu.  They had Mediterranean chicken pitas complete with yogurt sauce.  These are a staple at the Greek restaurants in Detroit but I haven't seen them here in Texas.  They were every bit as good as the picture looked.  Out of 21 women I was the only one that ordered them.

Ted was supposed to go to lunch and a gun shop with the fellows but when Ted went outside he saw Niles' car go around the bend.  They forgot him!  He went on to the gun shop on his own and found a new gun.  He came home to get his old one to trade and check to be sure he could spend that money.  Being on the road it is necessary to watch your cash flow.  Nancy is doing a great job of handling our mail (Chris will take it in but that is all!), so our money is getting to where it needs to be.  Ted called Don who went back with him and got a few things himself.

Ted ate leftover chicken soup for supper, I wasn't hungry yet.  Later on Trudy and Don came by bringing some dessert left over from their Progressive dinner.  When we came inside I had a piece with a cup of tea.  

Yesterday we tried the new laundromat near Mission West to compare cost and time.  Washing costs more but drying is in 4 minute increments so you can buy only what you need.  The dryers are big and get your clothes dry much quicker.  So cost is about the same but you save some time especially since there are as many machines as you need versus the two here in our park.

Ted then went to try his new gun out at the Gun Range while I did my best tracking Tom and Eileen's progress.  They drove beyond Holt FL where I thought they were stopping so scrambled to find a suitable park for them for the night.  They ended up in Robertsdale AL.  A 40 foot motorhome with a Jeep Cherokee behind it needs a long pull thru spot so they can stay hooked up.  Lots of coastal parks are dirt, gravel or grass.  If we and they can help it, we avoid those parks.  I found them concrete!


After dinner we went to the clubhouse and had three new players to learn Shanghai.  Joanne won!  These folks catch on quickly.  Next week we are going to a Mickey Gilley benefit show so we won't be teaching Shanghai that night.

This locale is a huge birding area.  I have always wanted to see a Painted Bunting and a friend saw two yesterday morning, but in Florida!  Aren't they beautiful?  I think they look as if they flew through a rainbow and picked up all the colors.  The first is a male alone, the second has the green female too.

Today is Spanish class and the grocery.  I am fixing dinner for Tom and Eileen tomorrow.  If all goes as planned they will be here mid afternoon.  I am also attending ladies breakfast in the morning.  In fact, I am the driver.  Love driving the dually.  Parking it is even more fun!

You may be a redneck if... you have spent more on your pickup truck than on your education.

Jeff Foxworthy

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