Friday, January 23, 2015

Crossing the Border

Trudy and I had made plans to go to lunch and shopping while Ted and Don did another "double."  Pistols first at the gun range, skeet second at the Skeet club.

We went to Renee's which is a spa/beauty salon/boutique and tea room.  I bought a Vera Bradley bag as a camera case and Trudy bought a dress.  We had a nice lunch, her treat to me for Ted always picking Don up to go shooting.  From there we went to Victoria's to check it out.  We both bought a few gifts and I can't believe I am Christmas shopping already!  We returned home around 5:00 and decided not to do Margarita hour next door.  Other than Don and Trudy, all our friends have moved to other parks and it isn't the same.

Thursday morning was the weekly ladies' breakfast and it was not far so I planned to drive myself and let Ted sleep.  But these wonderful women of Retama sent a FB message saying they would pick me up.  I was tickled they included me!  I am still an eggs and bacon person and it amazes me so many of the ladies do the refried beans and tortillas like I do toast!  We had been instructed not to sit with whomever we rode with so we all chose a different table.  Two new (to me) ladies sat down and we were quickly joined by another three.

Ann asked if I was going to the lunch on Monday but I admitted I had not yet signed up.  You have to keep up with this calendar while here!  She told Linda who runs these things that I was coming to the lunch and she was going to pick me up.  So I guess I'm going!  I sure haven't cooked much while here.

As soon as I returned home we left to pick up Jay and Stella and headed to Mexico.  We all had our grocery lists of needed medicines and they along with Ted were getting pedicures.  It is the only time Ted will go, even though he enjoys the results.  I had mine when I had my manicure last week so I was good, I just waited and observed.  The instruments and basins were all cleaned with bleach after each customer.  One girl was being so thorough with one lady, taking longer than anyone.  When we left I said I wanted her if we came back.  The lady tried to ask the girl her name but she didn't understand and almost looked scared that maybe she had done something wrong.  Spanish class to the rescue!  "Como se llama" I said and she smiled and answered Selena.  I was proud of myself over such a little thing.

We went to the Super store to check prices and got the analgesic cream there plus penicillin.  We moved on to my favorite, Almost Free pharmacy, to get the rest.  Someone on Retama FB had asked if anyone was going to Mexico.  She needed lots of vanilla for folks back home.  At breakfast I asked who that was and she was sitting two seats over.  I bought her six bottles of vanilla at the pharmacy along with Ted's eyedrops and Retin A cream for a friend.  I picked up a Z pack to keep on hand just in case.  Traveling like we do it isn't always easy or inexpensive to get to a doctor for a minor thing that would require an antibiotic. I just toss them when they expire and we haven't needed to use them.

On the way home Jay wanted to eat at Luby's but Stella nixed that.  Then she suggested Gonzales Burgers and he nixed that.  Ted suggested Cheddars since we all like that and we figured mid-afternoon was a good time.  Wrong!  We had to wait about 10 minutes to be seated.  This restaurant is always packed!  I wasn't really hungry so only ate my bowl of soup and took my half sandwich home.  We left about 3:30 and finally there was no one waiting.  The hostess said 3:30 to 4:15 is about the only lull they have but not on weekends.  The food is good, plentiful and very reasonably priced.  There is the answer to success.

Tom and Eileen are due in one day next week.  Their spot is occupied until 2/1 so they need a spot for 1-3 nights depending on their arrival.  There is a place for sale and I wrote a private message on FB to the owner.  He called and agreed to let them park on his spot but he has someone coming in 2/1 so it will be a day of musical coaches as everyone settles in for February.

Our beautiful weather is giving in to windy and cooler for two days and then the next week looks really good!

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