Sunday, September 1, 2013

On The Mend

I didn't make Happy Hour on Wednesday because we were still knee deep in what we had brought home from the trailer but we got it all put away so Thursday dawned a little less hectic.  First up was getting my hair cut and colored.  I shudder to think what it looks like naturally.  That one inch of new growth was telling wild tales.  But I missed Shanghai because of it.

In the time we were gone, the first and second class mail forwarded to us was averagely three pieces a week!  The first delivery back here at home was all ads including one for Hand and Stone Spa.  It jogged my memory that I had a gift card for there that Kristin had given me for Mother's Day.  So Friday morning I had a facial to have a fresh start after 10 weeks of not a great regiment of skincare.  It was so relaxing and I was glad I took the time to get it done.

As soon as I returned home Alison arrived.  She has worked on our desktop since we bought it and she set it up some years ago.  She shook her head and seemed relieved when I said I intended to replace it.  She approved my choice of the 27 inch all in one with a 1TB hard drive and i5 processor.  I can't wait to get that rat's nest of cords out from behind the desk.  She pulled the USB port for Ted to use for printing and said she will come back and transfer everything when the new one arrives.  My files are there, the operating system is bad and she can do this. Great!

We received a call from Tommy and Susan Friday night asking us to meet them at Salt Grass around 3:00 on Saturday.  We said yes of course and had a nice meal and great visit.  We hope to spend some time camping with them around Halloween.  They are scheduled into the campground one weekend, us the next.  So if they stay longer and we come early, it will work.  They are headed to Colorado for a few weeks' vacation. There was the normal "who gets the check" but Ted had talked to the waiter before they even arrived.  Tommy has done so much photography and printing work for me and never let's me pay him.  Then he wants to take us to dinner!!

We were too late for Mass at our church at 5:00 so we stopped at a church on the way home that we have attended with our friends Rick and Brenda.  It began at 5:30.  Of course I had to call them in Memphis to get the correct exit off the interstate!  Imagine our surprise when a priest from our church was saying Mass.  He was filling in for one of the three priests who died this past week in our diocese. I didn't know one of them was associated with this church.  Another of the three was buried from our church because theirs is under renovation and the congregation meets in a school for now.  May they all rest in peace.

We have no plans for this Labor Day weekend.  Our camping club is in Corsicana.  If we had come home on I-20 or I-40 we would have met up with them but we came home I-10.  Terry and Carol just returned from time in Cancun with Tom and Jeanne.  They have been gone most of August and I imagine they are getting caught up just like us.

My calendar is filling in and Kristin's wedding plans are gearing up so I don't see a lot of down time anytime soon.

Slow down and enjoy life.  It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” ~ Eddie Cantor

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