Saturday, September 21, 2013

Time Keeps Flying

I started Tuesday off heading to the doctor for my six month blood work.  I take one pill a day for cholesterol and religiously have the bloodwork done to check liver enzymes.  So far so good.  My doctor calls me himself the next day to talk to me about the numbers.   He said my cholesterol was 185, my blood pressure was 122/82 and all my other numbers were terrific.  He will see me in 6 months and I should add a calcium pill to my daily routine just because of my sex and age.  I hate taking pills, especially huge ones, so I am going to get the chew ones.  I will tell myself it is candy!

Afterwards I met Gerre for lunch.  It is the first time I have seen her since returning home.  We are going to watch Tucker next week and are looking forward to that.  Ted really enjoys having him around and taking him for walks.  He is no trouble at all and never barks so I only know he is around because he climbs up on the couch and into bed with me.

I told the kids I had Wednesday off.  They don't understand how you can be retired and need down time.  I changed and laundered sheets and did other little things.  I went to the grocery because I needed to make a breakfast casserole for Friday, an appetizer for Friday night and I will be making 24 deviled eggs for a funeral on Monday.

Ted was working two outings at the gun club on Thursday and Friday.  The first was for a political campaign; the other was a company outing - Boots and Coots.  They are the company that put out the oil wells that were set on fire in Kuwait during Desert Storm.  He enjoys giving Mike a hand and gets some free rounds for himself.  It is good for men to have something of interest to do in retirement.  

While Ted was gone Thursday, I took Judy and Peg to lunch for their help with my Forum schedule.  It would  be almost impossible for me to manage sign up for my hours without their efforts.  We had a nice lunch and it rained the whole time we were eating,  i believe we brought the rain home as requested by so many.

Friday was an early day.  I fixed my casserole Thursday night so I could pop it in the oven as I got ready.  I picked up Judy and traveled to the Forum office together.  It was the awards meeting and I, along  with many others, were congratulated on completing over 100 hours of service and support hours.  It went up from there with one lady receiving a pin for 17 years of service.  The top hourly gal at close to 400 hours was Donna that I work with at the thrift shop.

When I arrived back home I had some time before I needed to get my appetizer ready for Wind Down Friday night.  Usually September is a huge crowd but this year it was smaller.  The rain may have kept people away.  When it was pouring I even thought about skipping but it stopped long enough for us to get there.  We had a good time but I was tired when we got home.

We have a quiet weekend planned.  I have things I could do if my new computer would ever arrive.  Apparently it is on backorder.  Alison is in Serbia so until she gets home I wouldn't be doing anything with it anyway.  I may have to choose something else because I can't wait forever for Dell to get it here from Austin!  

 Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it's cowardice ~ George Jackson.

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