Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tucker Comes To Visit

Monday morning Tucker came with his food and leash to spend the week with us.  He is so easy to care for and we enjoy having him.

I was busy making two dozen deviled eggs for the funeral lunch and left Ted to doggy sit.  It was a big funeral and a local burial so it was after 3:00 before I got home.  I brought a half dozen tablecloths home to launder.   They are very big and only three fit in the washer at a time.

Tuesday was my first day back at the thrift shop since June and I learned they are going to build on.  Workmen were there most of the day doing some measuring.  We really do need more room because the contributions come in non-stop.  When I left there I dropped off the clean tablecloths at church and arrived home around 3:00 once again.

By Wednesday I decided to take a break and go to Happy Hour.  It has been a really long time since I've done that.  I didn't think I would stay long but it was 8:30 before I made it home.  Girl talk you know!  Several gals that I normally don't see attended and we had a good time.  I even ran into two Forum members that I didn't know belonged to the country club.  Maybe they are like me and don't belong but attend as someone's guest.  I just took time to say hello and didn't pursue that question.

Today is Shanghai and I hope I remember how to play.  At least I haven't played Canasta recently to screw up my mind more than it already is.

The wedding plans continue and this week was choosing the table linens.  My daughter does not like the polyester tablebloths normally used by the Citrus Club so we are renting different ones and purple runners for the tables.  I can't remember if she said we are using chair covers or not.   And to think I griped  about the $3.75 per glass rental fee for a champagne toast back in 1992 at Kara's wedding.  And that didn't include the champagne!  $850 to rent 225 glasses just rubbed me wrong.

“Waste neither time nor money, but make the best use of both. Without industry and frugality, nothing will do, and with them everything.”

~ Benjamin Franklin 

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