Monday, September 30, 2013

The Octoberfest That Wasn't

I played Shanghai on Friday which happened to be Ted's 69th birthday.  He was working the Texas First Responders annual shooting competition at the gun club.  It is good to have separate interests so you have new things to talk about when you come together again.  Anyway, I was in second place in Shanghai until the last hand and I was a card short of going down.  Any 1 of 7 cards would have done it for me but it just didn't happen.  Easy come, easy go.

Ted grilled filets that Terry and Carol sent him as a birthday gift and we spent a quiet evening at home.  He had to work again at the gun club on Saturday.  We have had a fair amount of rain and he has come down with a cold.  I get flu shots, he doesn't.  He gets colds frequently, I hardly ever get one.  Is it the shot?  I really don't know but if I was him I would take advantage of the free shot to see if it helps.

Saturday night we joined 7 other couples to attend an Octoberfest at a local brewery.  Tickets were with and without beer so we had two Designated Driver bracelets.  Food was advertised as being available.  We were given a great stein made in Germany on the way in.  We found two round tables and put out the snacks and some drinks some had brought.  When the music started it was that loud, "who knows what they are saying" kind of noise.  There was some Oom Pah recorded music in one area but it was totally enclosed and stuffy with tall tables for standing so we sat outside where there was a nice breeze but had to listen to the loud music.  Food available was BBQ and Mexican!  They need to look to Cincinnati, Munich, Fredericksburg, New Braunfels to find out how an Octoberfest is run.  They did have a photo booth and that was fun!  We enjoyed the company and chalked it up to experience.

We had to go to church on Sunday morning since we had left for the Octoberfest at 5:00.  It was the Sunday where those seeking to be baptized into the Catholic Church and baptized Christians seeking Confirmation in the Catholic Church are welcomed and start their journey.   I was impressed there were about 45 people.  They will study each week until Easter when they will receive the sacraments and join us in full Communion.  However, it made church a bit longer.  We had a nice breakfast at home and literally whiled the day away while it rained.

Ted left this morning for San Antonio to participate in the World Skeet Shoot.  He and several friends will be there most of the week.  Their return depends on how well they do and any shoot offs they have to stay for.  I hope the rain doesn't ruin their competition.

We did get an excited call from our middle daughter who got engaged to Bill on Saturday.  Now I have two weddings in 2014!  I am busy until 9/2 of next year, literally!!

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be - Robert Browning

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Carol said...

Congratulations all around! Hope Ted does/did well in his competition. I have no idea how to play Shanghai but I think I'll be going to a new Bunco group here starting in a couple of months (when all the winter people show up). We shall see - with the new baby coming in December it just may not happen.