Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back in the Swing of Things

Last Friday was the first play of the season at our community theater.  We had dinner with John and Sherida then saw South Pacific and it was terrific, the best one I have seen there.  The gal playing Nelly Forbush teaches singing, acting and dance.  And she can do all three wonderfully.  It was an enjoyable evening and we were all humming the tunes on the way out.  Next up will be Bus Stop in October.   I don't remember that story line, only that Marilyn Monroe starred in the movie.

Saturday after church we took Terry and Carol out to dinner to get caught up after our long absence.  Of course they were gone most of August also.  I shared some family photos I had taken over the summer and we had a good visit.

Ted went shooting on Sunday as usual.  When I asked if he was a bit rusty he said he ran the first 50 so I guess the time off didn't hurt him.  He and his friends are busy registering and getting reservations in San Antonio for the National Skeet Shoot.  This is a big deal in their world.  I have gone with him before but am more than happy to let him have his Boys Road Trip.

Monday was Canasta with one of my groups.  I didn't have bad cards, just not good enough to win.  At $1 to play, does it really matter?  It is the camaraderie of the girls that is the important thing.  I was happy to see them all again.

I was up bright and early Tuesday because Judy was picking me up at 8:00 to go to the Senior Center.  It was our Forum day to serve lunch to the seniors and play bingo with them.  We both had to make a watermelon cake!  Turns out that is a strawberry cake with mini chocolate chips throughout (the seeds) with green icing (the rind).  That was the theme for the day so the paper goods and centerpieces were all watermelon/picnic items.  My donated bingo prize was a set of hand soap and hand lotion.

I was hostess at one of the 25 tables.  This means I welcome them, record their participation, check on birthdays, get them drinks, serve them lunch and help them with their bingo cards if they need it.  One lady had one arm and another was on a motorized scooter using oxygen.  I praise the Lord each month for still being on what I call "the right side of the bingo card."   I love my days at the senior lunches and work as many as my crazy schedule allows.  

Last night we played Shanghai with the couples group that meets at the country club.  My problem was I was still playing Canasta!  I was first to deal and dealt out 4 hands for the 5 of us because we play 4 to a table in Canasta.  Whoops, had to start over.  When my turn came I took two cards instead of one.  Charles asked me if I took two and I realized I had done so automatically.  I said I did, apologized, buried those two and took just one.  After that first go round my head got in gear with the proper card game and things went OK.  They are probably checking out Alzheimer facilities for me today!  The two men at our table won, shutting out us three women.

I think I have zeroed in on the rehearsal dinner location for Kristin.  With Larry's folks both deceased there is no groom's family to do this so it too is falling to them.  I offered to do the legwork for it.  The Save the Date cards will be going out by next weekend.

Another friend has died after battling ovarian cancer for a few years.  She requested no funeral but a Celebration of Life party later on when her husband and family are up to it.

If we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or next year...Today should always be our most wonderful day ~ Thomas Dreier


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