Friday, July 5, 2013

The Wettest Independence Day Ever!

We drove the hour and a half to Owenton KY after advising Jim we would be gone for two nights.  I actually was thinking "we are storing our RV here for two days for $82!" But such is life.

After getting our belongings and food contributions settled in at Karen's, we rode the pontoon over to Cindy and Tim's to see their new place.  They have a four bedroom house so it is bigger than Karen's but they wanted bedrooms for each of their kids and their families to have their own bedroom.  They have done a lot but have big plans to do way more.  We took a ride with them on the pontoon too.

One of the many coves.

We saw a fawn all by itself at the edge of the lake.  It eventually ran off into the woods where hopefully its mother was waiting.  A bunch of turtles were resting on a log.

Ronnie grilled pork chops and Cindy, Tim and Landon joined us for dinner.  People were arriving at the four various houses all day Wednesday and Thursday morning.

We awoke to rain on Thursday and it never stopped.  We drove to Ed and Vicki's new place to see it.  Dan and Sue had arrived there along with two of Ed's friends.  We spent several hours visiting but then went home to get ready for them to come over for dinner.  Steve and family had arrived at David's (who was working since he owns Queen City Pyrotechnics) but with the rain, we never made it across the lake to say hi.  David has had a house on the lake for years and we have been there before.

There were 17 adults and two little ones.  Karen and I were just glad they didn't bring the three dogs since it kept raining.

When they left we sat on the screened porch and Ronnie said he could hear a raccoon "chattering."  We all listened and heard it but none of us knew that was a sound a raccoon made.  Sure enough a very young one was spotted behind the trash can used for recycling aluminum cans.  I tried to get a picture but it was too dark.  He eventually took off up the hill.

It rained all night again.  It certainly wasn't a great day for the boaters, swimmers and fishermen at the lake on Thursday.  We had a light breakfast this morning.  Cindy and Tim came in their pontoon to say goodbye and then we got ourselves ready and came back to the trailer.  All was fine even with all the rain.

We hope to see Ted's sister Kathy today.  Her son and family are due in from Columbus some time.  We are just hanging loose for now.

A good family is one that spends time together once in a while. A great family creates memories that lasts for generations. ~ 
Michael Kilby 

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Carol said...

Yesterday was the first day in a week and a half that it didn't rain. Dan and I were able to take the boat out and watch the fireworks display the city of Lake Placid does. I will say that the Bass Tracker is not as comfortable to lounge in as the pontoon was! Today we are back to the rain - but at least it is scattered storms and not the all day rain we had been having. Have a great rest of your weekend!
Hugs -