Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Serendipity Bouquet

We left Kara's and stopped for groceries on the way home.  It was almost 8:00 when we arrived.  After a quick dinner and a little TV, we were off to bed.

Friday morning as I was looking at Facebook, Ted's great niece Lynn's husband Jim wrote he was enjoying a beautiful morning outside his camper in southern Michigan.  I asked where exactly he was and it turned out to be not too far.  They are on their way to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH.   I thought they had left for Disney World but that is in March.  We made plans for them to come over for dinner because Kara and the kids were coming out to the campground.

This necessitated a return to the grocery to create a meal for 9 of us instead of 2.  I called Kelly but Pat wasn't due home until 9:00, Cassie had plans, Ally was working and Kelly had made dinner plans with a co-worker since Pat's plane was getting in so late.  So the number remained at 9.

Everyone arrived about the same time and the kids were off and running. Sam was a bit "left out in the cold" while the girls had a great time hanging together.

Everyone had their fishing pole so Sam, Morgan, Ted and Jim went down to the lake to fish.  However, no one caught anything.

Ted cooked the burgers and brats and later roasted marshmallows for S'mores.  The wood is too wet for a fire so he used the grill.

It was a great day for all.  We hadn't seen them since the funeral in 2009 of Lynn's father Brian who died in a motorcycle accident.  Her mother died 9 months later of ovarian cancer.  I stay in touch through Facebook and keep them connected to her Dad's family.  Being military, they don't live close by to any relatives and with a family this size, it is hard to keep up!

And the reason for my title?  Serendipity is a fortunate accidental occurrence that happens and Lily was the third "Lily" we have visited with so far this year.  Lily M. is the baby on the boat at the lake, Lily O. is the tiny redhead at the table at the pool and Lily L. Is the first little girl in the picture above of the girls running.  What a beautiful bouquet they all make!

Ted is going shooting this morning then picking up the kids.  Kara has a bachelorette party to attend so we will keep them over night.  Tomorrow we will celebrate Pat's birthday since we missed it last week.  I see the zoo, the swim club, Despicable Me 2 and some other interesting events in store for us over the next two weeks.

In reality, serendipity accounts for one percent of the blessings we receive in life, work and love. The other 99 percent is due to our efforts. - Peter McWilliams

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