Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Independence Day

I understand there is a push on to correctly identify what July 4 is in America.  So I have done my small part with my title.  I remember when Memorial Day was called Decoration Day.  I don't know when that changed.  And Veteran's Day used to be Armistice Day.  I will not change Merry Christmas into Happy Holidays, however.  There is no offense intended in wishing someone to join in your celebration.  I will gladly accept their wishes to me on their special days.  

Ted attended his Enquirer luncheon and he said there was a good turn out.  They discussed the printing of the paper being moved to the Columbus Dispatch which closed the Enquirer's production facility in Cincinnati.  The financial health of the pressmen's pension was also talked about but most of the old timers are not concerned about it in their lifetime.  Ted's is so small since he stopped contributing in 1981 that it has virtually no financial impact on us thank goodness.

My lunch with the girls was great!  Geneva, Donna O, Charlene, Mary, Diane, Cookie, Donna P and yours truly, Donna R, had a 2.5 hour lunch and it would have gone on longer if Ted hadn't called to say he was ready to pick me up. We laughed so much but there were a few tears over Mary's brother Joe who was buried just a few weeks ago.  Mary was a year behind us and Joe was in our class.  He was my very first boyfriend in 6th grade.  He named his daughter Donna which always made me feel special (though he and his wife may have just liked the name!).  Last year when I saw the whole group he gave me a peck on the cheek when I was leaving and said goodbye.  I didn't know it really would be.

Everyone looked so good and we talked of our 50th high school reunion.  Five of us were in the Class of 1963 at Mother of Mercy High School.  I will be flying in and there will be a dinner for the entire St. Bonnie's group including the fellows the night before the reunion.  I will be double dipping on both grade school and high school memories.  What fun!  

As we left the restaurant Ted said he had to go back to the parking lot at Meijer's because a lady needed a battery jump.  He told her he had to pick me up but would return.  I don't know if they were surprised he returned but he soon had them on their way.  I hope they remember the gentleman from Texas who kept his word.

We ran by Gabriel's, a store we like to browse through, and Ted bought a pair of jeans and I got a few tops.  The summer clearance prices were good.  We came back to the RV and eventually had some dinner.  It was a quiet evening.  We are heading to Elk Lake today so there will be no postings before Friday at the earliest.

Today I am remembering our trip to Idaho where we saw beautiful "amber waves of grain" blowing in a gentle breeze and the "purple mountain majesties" of the Tetons at the same time.  God surely has "shed his grace" on us.  Never forget those who given all for our freedoms.  These are difficult times and it is time for us to remember our "rights" stop where "the other guy's nose begins."  


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Carol said...

Happy Independence Day to you too Donna! Hope you enjoy the day - looks like we are getting a four day weekend! Safe Travels my friend!