Friday, July 26, 2013

The Loaves and Fishes

Wednesday was a sunny, pleasant day.  By mid-day we were dressed, had straightened up the RV and started on laundry.  I had chicken and dumplings in the crockpot, cucumber salad made and a strawberry trifle for dessert.  We were expecting Jay and Stella, friends from Texas, to pull in around 3:00.

Kelly texted that she and Ally were coming out and bringing beer brats for lunch.  She also brought fruit, and beans that we decided not to fix.  Ally had to leave for physical therapy and when she returned we decided to play cards.  Jay and Stella hit a detour and called to say they would be delayed so I put the crockpot on Low.  Then I received another text from Kara saying the  four of them were coming out.  Kelly asked if it was OK to stay for dinner because she hasn't seen much of Kara lately.  So my dinner for four turned into dinner for ten.

Ted grilled some chicken, burgers and hot dogs to go with the chicken and dumplings.  I put out the fruit, cucumbers, cole slaw and applesauce and baked two sweet and two white potatoes.  They were huge and I was able to cut them in half.  We used Kelly's beans and a can I had to make a decent sized dish.  The one thing that was large enough for all was the strawberry trifle.

Everyone had plenty and there was a bit of everything left over.  And I certainly have lots of room in the refrigerator right now. Ted built a fire and we needed jackets to sit outside.

Kara surprised us with a satellite receiver as a birthday gift.  DISH has a pay as you go RV package and she also gave us two months of use.  We have a rooftop satellite that has never been used.  Bill hooked it all up, I called in to order service but we couldn't get any further than the program guide.  Jay has a nifty app that shows the location of the three satellites and we determined a small tree was blocking the signal.  We decided to hook up and move the trailer a few feet back and it worked!  Now Ted has his Fox News again.  And the kids are enjoying Cartoon Network.  We have been out west and had no TV.  We have also had terrible cable at parks.  If we are near a city we usually get local channels very well over our roof antenna.  But now the days of 5 PBS and 2 Spanish channels are over.

We had been trying to meet up with Dave and Karen who live in Monroe.  They are friends from the valley.  Their daughter was bitten by a spider and ended up in the hospital so they too were babysitting grandkids.  We were finally able to meet up yesterday at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi.  It it a drive north for them and west for us.  We went a little early so Ted could buy some navy shorts and he found some at Macy's.  After lunch Karen and I shopped a bit while Ted and Dave solved the problems of the world.

We stopped at Kara's on the way home to pick up the kids, a last load of laundry Kara had done for us and to get our mail.  We are using a mail forwarding service and I knew it would arrive Thursday.  
With all that in hand we returned to the park with the kids in tow.  We all decided that Stella would grill some sausage and we would finish off the leftovers and that's just what we did.

Afterwards we all played Mexican Train but Morgan and Sam petered out after four rounds.  We played until we needed a lantern and then stopped after that round.  We said our good nights and came inside.

Ted and the kids watched a Harry Potter movie while I caught up on my I-Pad.  It was late when we went to bed and they are all still sleeping this morning.  

Our time here is drawing to a close and Sunday we start our journey to Virginia.  Eileen and Tom are anxious for us to arrive.

Jesus told the crowd to sit down on the ground. Then he took the seven loaves and the fish, and when he had given thanks, he broke them and gave them to the disciples, and they in turn to the people. They all ate and were satisfied. Afterward the disciples picked up seven basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over. The number of those who ate was four thousand, besides women and children. After Jesus had sent the crowd away, he got into the boat and went to the vicinity of Magadan."

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