Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Days Are Running Together

Our days of babysitting and planning meals are all running together.  We sat and looked at each other when I asked Ted what we had done last Thursday and Friday!  We know we watched the kids, took Skyline chili in for dinner and washed two loads of clothes one day.  We think that was Thursday and Friday is totally lost except we remember Ted cooked on the grill for dinner and there were terrible storms all around us.  We both seem to be suffering from CRS now.

On Saturday Ted dropped me off at Bordine's Nursery so Kara could pick me up in the parking lot.  He was going shooting and we were going to hit the bridal salons in Rochester and Birmingham.  Much to Sam and Morgan's delight we hit pay dirt at the very first salon.

Bellissima's had a huge selection of Jade dresses, the brand I had chosen back in Texas.   Kara was able to see the material and we were both able to see actual swatches of the colors.  The fuchsia was HOT PINK and too bright, the Emerald a bit drab.  I tried on Grape in Texas but the girls are wearing purple so that was out.  This brought us back to the Sapphire Blue.  We both felt it was a good color.  They didn't have the exact dress but plenty of others for me to try to determine my size.  I put on a red dress cut exactly like the one I liked and we both agreed my choice had been a good one.  When the saleslady told us the dress I wanted was $200 less than the Texas price, I was sold!

So my dress is ordered and paid for.  It should be in by October.  Kara will take it to Florida in November when we attend Kristin's bridal shower.  I arrive back in Florida the first part of February for the enter month before the wedding and will have it hemmed at that time.  Check, check and check!  Mission accomplished.

I came back home with Ted eventually and we went to church.  The gospel was the story of Martha and Mary, one of my favorites because I identify with Martha in so many ways.  When we got back to the park, Bill, Kara, Sam, Morgan and Kyle came for dinner.  The kids had great fun roasting marshmallows, tossing ball with Ted and playing soccer with two young fellows camped next to us.  I bet they slept good.

On Sunday  Kara baked the turkey Bill received from work at Christmas and has been in her freezer ever since.  His sister and brother in law as well as friends Shannon, John and kids came too.  Even Kyle came over. I think he likes our cooking!  We had a great day visiting with everyone.

It was back to babysitting on Monday.  We chose to take them to see Despicable Me 2 because it was supposed to rain.  Four of the last five movies we have seen have been Disney or Pixar!  However, they are better than the blow 'em up, shoot 'em up and drop the F word constantly in the rest of the movies out there.

We waited for Kara to arrive home and then headed back to the RV.  We stopped at Miguel's Cantina for dinner.  That's our first Mexican food since we left in mid June.  It is really good for being so far north of the border!  

Today the rain came instead of yesterday.  Kara is in Chicago and the kids are with their Dad.  It is a good day to hit the nail salon.  We are expecting Jay and Stella tomorrow and I am fixing dinner for us all.  Thursday we meet up with Dave and Karen from Monroe, friends from the Rio Grande Valley, for lunch.  That leaves us Friday and Saturday to finish up our trip here before we head out.

Who knew retirement could be so busy?

The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.  ~ Abe Lemons

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Carol said...

Such great luck that you were able to find the right dress, in the right color, on the first stop (at least this trip)! Maybe we can get together when you are in Florida this winter - at least we could try! Have a great time and enjoy your days with the family.