Thursday, July 11, 2013

Moving Day

We are tired of the rain!  We moved north and Sunday we had sunshine but more rain was predicted.  I wish I could send it to Texas where it is needed.  We are in a state park near the Neil Armstrong Museum by my brother Dan and Sue's house.  The park was full for the weekend and is now almost empty.

On Friday we drove back to Cincinnati from Owenton in the rain and somehow managed to visit with Ted's sister Kathy and her daughter and son, who was in from Columbus, and their families.  The kids grow so much when you only see them once a year.  They were all at the swim club so we met them there for pizza and a 3.5 hour visit.  The kids kept us entertained the whole time.  It was raining all around us but for some reason there was a dry cell over us.  We celebrated Ben's 5th birthday with a nice birthday cake.

Karen and Ron stayed at the lake so on Saturday we drove to their house to do laundry.  That is one of the perks when you have keys to someone's house.  They knew we were going over so no need to keep it a secret.  Later we went to church and  Barb, Kevin, Judy and Joe were there also.  We had plans to go to dinner with Judy and Joe so we said our goodbyes to Barb and Kevin then met the other two at the restaurant across from our park.  Once again we turned a meal into a 3 hour talkathon.  I will see Judy again in October at the 50th reunion.

It was more mist than rain when we drove to Grand Lake Sunday morning.  Since it wasn't a long drive, we arrived about 11:00 and everyone was packing up to go home.  We couldn't get anywhere near the potable water.  We don't have a water hookup and needed to fill our tank.  But we drove around the backup and just went to our site.  Since we were only there three days we managed with bottled water and the bath house across from us.  The workamper said we could use his hose and ours to reach the spigot across from us if we wanted.  We didn't always camp in such a nice RV.  The kids will tell you they washed dishes at the picnic table in big porcelain dishpans lots of times.

When Dan and Sue arrived home from the lake they called and said they would be over a little later. We all went to the Beer Barrel for dinner which is a favorite of ours.  We are going to see the construction on their new house and see the remodel on Brandon's house today.  We will be back here next April for Brandon and Rachel's wedding.  Sue invited us to stay with them for that weekend. Karen and Ron are staying too.  It will be too early to bring the RV so we accepted.

Monday we went to see the house they are renovating.  It is a big job but should be done by fall. Then the fun will begin getting the inside the way they want it.  Sue will be busy next spring working on the yard.

Dan had to golf so we came home for the evening (and so I could watch The Bachelorette).  This season is rather boring.  I didn't feel she had a lot to choose from in the beginning and the relationships with these last four just aren't very interesting.  But I continue to watch.

We all drove to Amish country in Shipshewana IN yesterday.  We got two good hours of shopping in before lunch at the Auction Restaurant.  As soon as we were done it rained bucketsful.  We passed time looking at the stuff going up for auction in the big barn and then had about another hour of shopping before a monsoon came.  Water was two inches deep in some of the booths and stalls. When we got a break we headed home.  We all ate dinner at CJ's where the rehearsal dinner will be for the wedding.

Afterwards we went to Brandon's log cabin in the woods.  He was cutting the grass during a break in the rain but that was short lived.  Great strides have been made finishing up the inside of the house. He has an entire new kitchen and two baths all done.  Sue has sanded all the hardwood floors and varnished the logs inside.  It is very close to being finished and he has until his April wedding to get it ready for his bride.

Yesterday we moved on to Michigan and almost three weeks with the kids.  It didn't rain at all until we got here.  There were storms all around us but we just had a few sprinkles followed by a pleasant night for sitting outside.

Today we are going into town to keep the kids and take them to the doctor.  Kara has a meeting down near the airport.  I will do a load of laundry and we also need to go to the grocery before we come back home.

Millions long for immortality who don't know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon. ~ Susan Ertz

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Rick and Brenda said...

Sounds like fun time with the family.

We could use some of that rain here, too. We had a wet spring, but not too much in the last few weeks. Good for construction, though.

Hope you'll be able to stop here on the way home in the fall.