Sunday, April 28, 2013

Exciting Wine

I had a good day at the card table on Thursday, coming in second.  Charlene was impossible to beat at 4 points; I had 36 which would have been first place at either of the other tables.  She went out four times; I did twice.  That pretty much left Pam and Linda in the dust.  My dime purse runneth over!

My eye appointment was fine.  He said the pollen this year has been so bad that I should keep a bottle of drops he gave me just in case my eyes start to bother me.  Eveything else was good.

Because we had not done anything on Wednesday for our anniversary, we made reservations at an exceptionally nice restaurant here where we live for Saturday night after church.  Truth be told, Ted wanted to go on Wednesday but I didn't want to get dressed up.  I would already be dressed on Saturday so he agreed to that.

They had a quiet table for two with red rose petals scattered on it.  We already knew what we were going to order so I spent time looking over the wine list.  I decided to order what they called a half bottle but I would call a split.  It was about the size of a normal beer bottle.

It was a Riesling (my favorite) from the Alsace region of France.  When she presented the cork to me I read it and it came from the Hugel Winery in Riquewihr, France!  We visited there in 2009 on a wine tour while traveling from Antwerp to Basel.  Because Hugel was founded in 1639 and the cellar we were in was 1572, I think we were at a different cellar than Hugel back then.

Here is what I wrote in Fall 2009:

Continuing on through several delightful villages, we arrived at Riquewihr, the "gem of the vineyards." This town was producing grapes for wine during the Middle Ages and most houses were erected in the 15th to 18th century. It is protected by twin walls.

The first two photos are website photos of the town and the second two I took in 2009.  I had to ask what the date was because they are formed differently than what we use today.  We are wearing our group badge and our personal headphones so we could hear Peter talking.

For dinner Ted had onion soup and the famous pork chop while I had a spinach salad and filet.  We shared a dish of lyonnaise potatoes.  Neither of us could finish our entree so we brought them home.  Compliments of the restaurant we received dessert, a rectangular plate with Happy 48th Anniversary written in chocolate around three mini desserts of cheesecake, truffle and praline creme brulee.  Just enough for each of us to have a taste or two.  And that was about all we had room for.

It was a delightful dinner and after finishing the half bottle of wine by myself I came home and promptly fell asleep!

If the weather holds, the deck should get done tomorrow.  We are in no hurry so when it happens, it happens.  We need the rain so badly that no one should complain.

Be still, sad heart!
And cease repining;
behind the clouds
is the sun still shining;
thy fate is the common fate of all,
into each life some rain must fall

 ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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