Wednesday, April 17, 2013

He Came, He Saw, He Shredded

Thursday was our monthly neighborhood ladies' luncheon.  We had a good turn out and it was great to see everyone.  The men's lunch was the day before but Ted  forgot about it and didn't go.

Friday was the big day.  I managed to fill the 96 gallon bin (about 300 lbs.) with paper needing to be shredded.  The gentleman brought the bin into the office, tossed everything in and wheeled it out to the truck.  Pretty soon it was chewing it all up like a hungry monster.  There is also a clunker chunker for hard things and I tossed in an entire box of backup tapes from the late 1990s.  It felt wonderful to get such a big job over so easily.  Now I need to stay on top of the situation.  The accumulation occurred as we moved from Michigan to two different addresses in Florida and three different addresses in Texas over the past 17 years.

Next up were the bags I keep in the guest room closet.  I toss mostly clothes, but on occasion household items, into them.  Ted finally went through his closet and tossed a lot of shirts and pants that are now too big. Paralyzed Veterans of Texas was coming for a pick up.  I often say I am easily amused but I am also easily elated over something so mundane as getting things cleaned out.   What a great feeling.  Moving frequently helps but we have stayed put longer where we are than anywhere else in our 48 years of marriage.

Saturday after church we played cards with our old Canasta group.  But they, like so many others, have switched to Shanghai.  I came in second and refilled my dime purse considerably.  I am ready for the next game!

Carol invited us for dinner on Sunday.  Their son-in-law was in town to golf with Terry.  We had delicious steaks and watched the exciting end to The Masters.  One of Ted's biggest thrills was playing at Augusta National in 1996.  His nephew has played the day after The Masters on occasion with the press corp.  An invitation to play there is no easy feat and is most golfer's dream.

Monday was my bunco group in the morning and Ted's yearly endoscopy surveillance procedure in the afternoon.  They biopsied two spots but Dr. W didn't think it was anything to be concerned about and told us to return next year.  We have to wait up to two weeks for the results to be sure he is right.

I worked at the thrift shop on Tuesday and we "kicked butt" in the accomplishment department.  We emptied both huge bins, sorted, tagged and put out all the clothes.  The buttons were removed from the clothes going to recycle and that made room for shoes to be laid out, sorted and tagged.  Even the toys were gone over to see what had all the pieces and what actually worked.  Everyone was happy because we normally have nowhere to go with stuff.  More order in my life!  But I know that will be short lived.  Next week we will be piled up high again and looking for a place to work on things.

Our friend Don had driven from Nacogdoches to attend a sale with Ted for ammo components.  I think they had a good time since they spent quite a bit between the two of them.  I left "work" a half hour early and met them for a late lunch.  Trudy had a small surgery and wasn't able to come with him but I did talk to her when she called while we were at the restaurant.  Hopefully they will come again when she is feeling better.

I have my mammogram today and then one last eye doctor appointment and I should be finished.  Whew!  So many body parts to look after!

The last two babies due before our June family reunion have arrived.  Rosalie and Jacob are our newest additions.  I have found a company that can print the entire tree either 6 x 3 or 16 x 2.  I am working out the details now and it will be laminated once it is printed.  I am going to wait until mid-May to order it just to give everyone time to check their info.

"If you don't know your family's history, then you don't know anything.  You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree." ~ Michael Crichton

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Carol said...

Isn't going through things and getting rid of all the "clutter" a great feeling? Dan and I are doing that now as we unpack boxes at the new house - from clothes, to dishes, to magazines - just get it to the thrift store (ours is a place that supports battered women). We take our shredding to our bank and they do it for us (but just can't get too far behind!). Have a great week.