Thursday, April 11, 2013

In The Swing of Things

Our drizzly day turned into a beautiful late afternoon and evening. We wandered further around the property and visited the small chapel, gazebo, spring and clubhouse that we had not gone into yet. What a lovely place.

The park furnished dinner and was a great farewell send off. Everyone received a door prize and ours was a string of lights for the awning shaped like little RVs. The problem is our awning puts itself away if it gets too windy so hanging them up would be a problem. There are lots of opportunities at rallys to add these to gifts so they will be enjoyed by someone. We are heading out with the Texas Boomers soon and they might find a home.

After dinner we were entertained by a couple playing the guitar and singing. There was a dance hall with a stage on the other side of the rally hall and we all met in there. That's also where all the karaoke took place earlier in the week. We went back to the trailer before it got too late because we were leaving in the morning.

After saying our goodbyes over coffee in the rally hall the next morning we hit the road. There was a large branch hanging over our spot and you could see where the underside of it had been hit in the past. Ted decided to back the trailer out onto the road behind us rather than pulling straight out. That worked fine and Denny and Jami gave us a big wave sending us off.

We took I-10 and the wildflowers were so abundant. It was a beautiful drive home. We got the rig put away and went out to eat right after. It was late afternoon and we were both hungry. We had stopped at a rest area and had a snack but that didn't last too long.

I had the normal mail stuff to get caught up on, had my bone density test and we subbed in a group playing cards Wednesday night. Coming home after a week is so much easier than after two months.

We have a busy period before our summer trip. Chris is on board to house sit again so things are falling into place. We know where we will be until mid-August. How we spend the last two weeks of August and what route we take home is up in the air. But in the RV, home is where the wheels stop.

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