Sunday, April 9, 2017

And Easter is Almost Here

We didn't have to be anywhere until 2:00 so we had a relaxing Sunday morning.  I baked some cookies for Monday when I was hosting Canasta and we eventually got ready to go see Tommy and Susan who are at a nearby campground.  After visiting for awhile we left for Hasta La Pasta for dinner.  We didn't know where it was but when we left the restaurant I realized it was right around the corner from the Forum office.  At least I can figure out how to get there if we want to go again.  We went back to the campground and stayed until 7:30 when we headed home.  

Monday was Canasta at my house.  Ted took the sweet tea and chips to church for the funeral lunch.  I had taken the easy way out since I had so much to prepare for my own guests.  I had summer sausage, cheese and crackers, salsa and chips, chicken egg rolls, fruit and cookies plus several selections of drinks.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the snacks and had a good time.  As soon as they left we had to get ready to pick up Terry and Carol for Terry's birthday dinner.  After Italian on Sunday, we had Italian on Monday too at Brio's.  I opted for the grilled pork chop for that reason.  It wasn't very late when we got home but after these past busy two weeks, I was ready to unwind.

Despite being tired and having slept little Sunday night, I didn't sleep any better Monday night.  

I woke early to two messages "R U up?"  One was from Irene whose land line, TV and Internet were out and wanted to know if ours was too and my daughter Kristin, on her way to work after returning from vacation in Baja! 

Baby grey whale photo taken by SIL Larry while in Baja.

 I spoke to both Irene and Kristin and then filled out my hospital record prior to my shot next week.  Seems like a lot of info for one shot!

Ted had his men's luncheon Tuesday (at ANOTHER Italian restaurant) and I just took my time getting everything back where it belongs.  I love having the ladies over but the older I get the harder it is to set things up, make food, entertain and then clean up.  Having two days "off" was pure delight!  But there was a another funeral at church Wednesday and I had to make my special fruit salad but I did it Wednesday morning.  After my third night of not sleeping well, Ted said he would take the salad up to church for me.  When I stand in one spot, whether I am cooking, washing dishes or getting myself ready for the day, my back pain goes into overdrive.  It is less painful to walk than to simply stand still.  One week until shot time!

Thursday was my neighborhood luncheon.  We all met at LaMadeline, a French restaurant of sorts.  I like the different fare they offer versus most other restaurants.  We had a full house!  Afterwards I went to the mall to use my Christmas gift cards before Mothers' Day gets here.  I am still setting aside clothes for our cruise.  I bought 2 tops, 2 shorts, 2 ankle pants, 2 pairs of shoes!  Quite a haul.  

Friday we did nothing!  Sometimes you just need to do that.  I was working with Kristin on researching cruises to Asia for next year but that was about it.  Our last Friday in Lent meal was the old standby , grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I wish we were into salmon, lobster, calamari, etc. but we aren't.  Grilled or fried fish and shrimp are about it for us.  And McDonald's fish sandwiches!!

Happy Easter!  The Lord Has Risen, Alleluia.

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