Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Week

Saturday we were home all day except Ted went out a time or two to run some errands.  I had some cards to send, papers to sign and some "cyphering" to do as my Grandma would say.  This RMD the IRS insists we take calls for some major moving around of funds and investing.  I think I have it all figured out for now.

Our daughter Kristin was having Easter dinner for 6 or 7 people so I had to send her my recipes and directions on how to get dinner on the table.  I didn't receive any phone calls so I am hoping she had her dishes prepared and in the refrigerator ready for Sunday's dinner.

We attended church at 9:00 Sunday morning. People were still leaving the parking lot when we arrived so we parked in a spot just vacated.  We found seats easily.  It was just a bit hectic having the 7:00 crowd trying to get out of the way of the 9:00.  Mass has a lot of pomp and circumstance on Easter so it takes quite awhile but Fr. Sebastian didn't hurry a bit.  When the folks started piling up outside waiting to get in for 11:00, Fr. Tom came in, started serving communion immediately, told the ushers not to take up the second collection and must have told Fr. S to make his exit quickly.  Those waiting must have parked in the spots vacated by the folks who attended Mass in the gym that was over way before ours.  A new huge parking lot was built recently.  It didn't change a thing.  We need a longer time between Masses, plain and simple.

We came home for a bit and then left to meet 3 couples at the country club for brunch at 1:00.  I was  pretty hungry by then.  When we finished, Jody and Dave met us at Irene and John's for an afternoon of cards.  Guys played together, girls too.  I was losing until the last hand when I got a Shanghai and caught everyone with their entire hands.  That put me in the lead.  Ted won at his table and his brother came in second.  It was a big Rogers win day!  We came home with our change purses revitalized!

Monday I played bunco for the first time since Christmas!  Carol, one of our newer players, had a unique yogurt bar.  She had vanilla yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, pineapple, raspberries, grapes, raisins, flax seed, granola, coconut and mini chocolate chips!  It was awesome. Along with this she had two quiches.  Great breakfast and because she was leaving town she encouraged us to take some home.  Made a great lunch for me!  

In the afternoon, we met with a new landscaper and lawn maintenance fellow.  He will be pruning trees from the easement in back hanging over our fence into our yard, our crepe myrtles that didn't get trimmed in February, and our huge live oaks that we had trimmed last year.  Sod will be put down where necessary and leveled with topsoil.  Our small wall around the plantings will be extended outward and reworked over some oak roots, 6 plants will be added, mulch put down and the metal edging along the drive and bull rock replaced.  And he will start doing our lawn maintenance.  The other folks have not been back since April 2 so my call firing them may have been a moot point.  Maybe they fired me!

Tuesday was my scheduled epidural and nerve block day.  We had to be at the hospital at 6:30.  All went well but it took 4 people trying in 3 locations to get my IV started.  We were home about 9:30 and I was fine.  I worked on all our insurance policies.  Trying to compare apples to apples takes a bit of doing but I got it done.

Then we had dinner at Terry and Carol's which was delicious.  Their daughter and grandson were visiting from College Station and it was so good to see them.  It was almost 11:00 when we came home.

Wednesday Isabelle came to clean.  Ted ran a few errands and I was laying low on the couch letting my shot do its thing.  I was sleepy because despite the anesthesia that morning I still couldn't sleep.  I think I slept 2:00-4:30 and then 6:00-9:00. Not too restful.  I was planning on taking a nap but when the cleaning crew showed up, that went down the tubes.  Probably a good thing because that would only have screwed up going to sleep that night even worse. 

Our Newcomers fashion show luncheon was Thursday.  I filled a table for 8 but found tables of 10 when I arrived.  Irene asked if Margi could join us and I said yes.  Jody said she had told Lynn we were full, but I told her to text her and she could have the last seat.  Without consulting me, my sister-in-law invited someone else to that seat.  In the end both ladies found other seats rather than claim the seat in the confusion.  Poor communication!  It all worked out in the end and I hope neither woman was offended.  Try as I might, things can get confused!

John and Sherida stopped to pick up John's clothes and we will see them on Saturday where they are staying this weekend.  We have been invited to dinner at the Anderson's, their hosts.

Friday was our last regularly scheduled Forum meeting.  I was scheduled to bring fruit. So I bought a prepared one all set up with dip in the middle.  We had lots to cover and since my back seems to be doing okay, I signed up to be a dresser at our Vintage Clothing fashion show in May at the Women of Distinction luncheon and for three 2-hour shifts at the Thrift Store.  I think this will get me to 47 hours.  I thought I was closer than that but I guess not!

We did nothing much Saturday and eventually got ready and went to church.  From there we went to Anderson's for a pleasant evening around their lighted outdoor pit (it was chilly!) after a pulled pork dinner.  A couple who had been out of the area for a long time has returned and it was so nice to see them.  One very sad thing is that a resident of our development died at the swim finish line of the Ironman held over the weekend.

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