Thursday, December 15, 2016

Countdown to Christmas

Gail, Judy and I unpacking and sorting Shelter Santa gifts on Tuesday.

I wasn't sure I would be able to get out of bed on Wednesday but I got up just a bit stiff and that gradually worked itself out.  I didn't have much to do, I am trying to schedule every other day now so I don't fall far behind or wear myself out.  Eventually I went to a new nail salon.  I have tried three different ones since my old one sold out, and they did a great job with not much to work with.  I hadn't broken a nail in years and now every one of them on my right hand was gone.  I don't know why this happened but I was determined to find a place using the same stuff as the old salon.  They look nice.  Now I have to wait to see how they hold up.

Thursday was the Christmas gathering for Shanghai (just the girls).  Connie's house was done up beautifully and she had a small box of See's candies for each of us.  And I won!  My purse of dimes had gotten very low so it was nice to replenish it.  We had lots of laughs and another good time.

 When I came home Ted was feeling even worse. The night before he had started with a cough but 
it was turning into a bit of flu I think with chills and feeling achey.  We were to meet Terry, Carol and their daughter Sharon for dinner and Ted said we would go.  It was a 2.5 hour dinner and Ted enjoyed talking to Sharon about her husband's job as a basketball coach at A&M but he only ate a bowl of soup.  We exchanged our gifts because they have out of town people coming for Christmas and we are taking off for Michigan on Christmas Eve.  When we came home Ted went to bed very early.

Friday we had appointments for haircuts but Ted was feeling pretty bad.  I told him he didn't need to expose everyone in the salon and went alone.  Cindy was behind so it actually allowed her to get caught up and I made a new appointment for him next Thursday.  He slept off and on all day and evening.

Saturday he went to pick up gun stuff from Randy and put gas in my car but just about did himself in.  I told him I would attend Irene's birthday dinner alone.  My biggest worry is about him exposing others.  I stopped at Walgreen's for Dayquil D.  He has been taking that and a Z-pack and seems to be getting better but with no energy yet.

I drove myself to the country club Saturday evening and met the other 8 for dinner.  They have totally redone the club and this was the first time I have seen it.  It is nice but not over the top.  My dinner was good and I had a nice time.  I took gifts to Irene for her birthday and Christmas.  Nancy and Tom gifted all the men a bottle of wine and handmade polished wood bracelets for the ladies.  Irene had made buckeyes for all.  So I went with two bags and came home with three!

It was 87 when I left at 5 pm and still 78 at 8 pm when I came home, 44 when I went to bed and 36 the next morning.  Crazy weather!

I attended Mass Sunday by myself and the temperature didn't deviate at all throughout the day.  Afterwards I went to Walmart to purchase food for the food bank.  My bunco group pretty much fills the back of my Expedition with bags that I deliver right after our lunch that is scheduled for Monday.  I bought beans, rice, chili, soup, peanut butter, jelly, tuna fish, cereal plus paper towels and toilet paper.  

When I arrived home I started a beef stew right away and put it in the cast iron Dutch oven that belonged to Grandma Rogers.  Still works great!  Ted had received a jury summons so I went on line and had him exempted with a request to not be considered again.  After age 70 in Texas you can do that.  We don't mind serving but these summons seem to always come for times we are gone.  Once when we were having our mail forwarded, a summons was returned to the county and the next time Ted tried to vote he had to jump through hoops to prove who he was and still lived at our address.  We explained about the forwarding and they said they don't forward a summons.  So just how are you supposed to know???

Ted finally ate two bowls of stew so I knew he was feeling better but he still went to the doctor Monday morning.  He has bronchitis and was given an antibiotic to take for 10 days.  While he was at the doctor, I attended my bunco luncheon.  I received a gift card in the gift exchange which was fine by me though there were many nice gifts.  Mary fixed a nice lunch and set a beautiful table.  The girls were very generous and the entire back of my Expedition was filled with bags of food. 

 I dropped it all off at the food pantry on my way home but then I had to run by Shari's to pick up our dolly that she brought home from the Shelter for me.  It was late afternoon by the time I got home.  I am getting ready to wind things up here, plan for our Michigan trip and then on to our winter in Mission.  Sure hope Fr. Roy is doing well.  We both look forward to attending Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe for 3 months!

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