Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Less Than A Week!

I didn't do much once I got home Monday and actually fell asleep fairly early.  I have been sleeping in the twin bedroom to avoid listening to Ted's coughing.  He is feeling better but the cough lingers on.  But I did run into old friends at Walmart.  

Tuesday we met John and Irene at the gun range.  I used her .22 just like mine but she has a red dot.  I did okay with it but then covered the holes and shot just using my sites and did just as well.  I don't think I need a red dot.  Then I shot my new 9 mm and emptied two magazines.  I find this trigger (5.5#) very hard to pull and I have to concentrate on not letting the kick raise my aim.  I have to use this one to qualify for my Concealed Carry License.  For some reason you cannot qualify with a .22.  I am doing OK though!  The covered holes are the .22 with and without the red dot.  The 9 mm made the bigger holes.  Of the 40 shots, only 3 were 8, the rest were 9 and 10.

We went to lunch afterwards and had a good visit.  It is always hard in a crowd to really carry on a good, meaningful conversation so it was a nice time. The rest of the day I spent working on an IRS problem for my sister in law and mailing a sympathy card to another sister in law who just lost her father.  My time also included a call to my sister who worked at the IRS before she retired but she was no help.  I tried my CPA niece, again, no help.  So I have a call into a friend who does taxes and if she doesn't understand this ambiguous IRS paragraph I will go the fax route!   

Wednesday was a day at home and a welcome relief.  Sometimes you just want to bang around in your old clothes with no make up on!  I sent a fax off to the IRS, wrote a few thank you notes, paid our real estate taxes and did 3 loads of laundry.  I put away the few Christmas things I had out inside but left the front porch things for Thursday when we get back.  That was enough on my day off.

Thursday I worked two hours at the Thrift Shop and then got busy at home making sure I had what I needed for our trip.  A few presents have to be transported and only taking a carry-on certainly limits available space.  But I have it all packed except for toiletries that always go in last.  We received an email from the Parking Spot telling us they are looking forward to seeing us Saturday so hopefully there will be no problem getting a space.  In the afternoon I printed out our boarding passes and we have TSA pre-check!

With everything taken care of we decided to open the gifts we had received.  I received 9 mm bullets from Ted and a computerized pressure cooker.  Judy gave me an angel and also gave us a Texas Christmas hanging.  Ted loved it!   There were candles, cookies, candies, do-dads, etc.  Small remembrances from several friends.  Ted didn't have anything to open because he bought his own present, 400# of shot and several thousand primers!  Different strokes for different folks.

We will be busy in the morning so I will post this with our wish for all my blog readers.

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