Friday, June 17, 2016

25 photos at a time

Ted in front of our Tower Hotel at St. Katherine's Dock in London.

Donna at an icon of London, the red telephone booth, most of which aren't in use anymore due to cell phones.

Our first tourist stop, Hampton Court, home of Henry VIII.

Henry VIII in a stained glass window (also shown).

Some lovely linen animals displayed on the dining room table.  Fancy folding and ironing!

I can't remember if this was a bedroom or receiving room.  Either way, it was painted beautifully.

Topiary styled trees in the garden.

Windsor Castle in the rain

The filled in moat.

The Queen's private quarters at the far end.

Next up, Buckingham Palace

The front gates

The monogram E R, Elizabeth Regina.  The current queen uses this monogram with II included since she is Elizabeth II.

A memorial to Princess Diana in the walk.

Westminster Abbey

An interesting building shoved into a very narrow space built in 1898.

Cathedral at Salisbury, England, construction started in 1220.  Today it houses one of four remaining originals of the Magna Carta.

1386 medieval clock that has ticked more than 4.4 billion times since it was built.

Died 170 years to the day before our wedding, 4/24/1965

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